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Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.

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Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.

BMW Motorrad Canada presents the results of its first ever motorcycle customizing project. For this purpose, three talented customizers were equipped with BMW R 18 bikes, the three exclusive one-offs are now celebrating their world premiere. Together with Roland Stocker, BMW Motorrad Heritage Project Manager, customizers Jay Donovan from Victoria, British Columbia, Konquer Motorcycles from Kelowna, British Columbia and Augment Motorworks from Toronto, Ontario presented their creations. "These projects show the importance of developing motorcycles that stimulate creativity and serve as a good basis for owners and builders alike," says Roland Stocker.

BMW R 18 custom bikes

Stocker, who was instrumental in the development of the R 18 and traveled to Canada for the presentation, was impressed not only by the bikes but also by the builders themselves you think how young some of the customizers are,” Stocker continues. "I was very satisfied with the result." With its classic design and extravagant proportions, the R 18 represents an ideal basis for customization work ever used in a production motorcycle.

"We wanted to demonstrate the potential of the R 18 and designed a project for it," said Johann von Balluseck, Director of BMW Motorrad Canada. "We selected customizers who would approach this project in different ways, hoping that they would give us three very different styles - and that's exactly what we got." The only requirements for the customizers were that the bikes be operational and remain street legal. This summer, the three bikes will be included in a nationwide dealer tour visiting locations across Canada.

Jay Donovan - R 18 Future Cafe.

  • The R 18 Future Café is a study by Jay Donovan with an emphasis on artisan metalworking. Donovan's design began with a desire to sweep the exhaust system up over the cylinder heads and end under the seat. A completely redesigned tank and top section in bare, polished aluminum and trimmed front and rear fenders in contrasting black create an elongated and sleek look.

Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.

Augment Motorworks - R 18 Tattooed Chopper.

  • Nick Acosta of Augment Motorworks has applied the classic American chopper style to the big German boxer and gave his creation the nickname "El Boxeador". Fine paintwork featuring classic tattoo motifs paired with a sissy bar, handcrafted headlight mount, mini ape hanger handlebars, trumpet-style exhaust and custom seat transform the R 18 into a classic with carefree accents.

Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.

Konquer Motorcycles – R 18 Diamond Custom.

  • Rob Thiessen and his team from Konquer Motorcycles have created a factory custom based on the R 18. Pinstriped bronze metallic paint, modified front and rear fenders, custom seat and diamond motif throughout provide a low and elongated custom look. The new look is rounded off by an electronically adjustable exhaust pipe and gold-painted BMW logos.

Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.

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Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.

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Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.

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Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.

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Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.

Spectacular BMW R 18 Custom Bikes from Canada.
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