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OnDuty trend: The digitization of mobile homes!

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OnDuty elegantly built display scaled 1 OnDuty trend: The digitization of mobile homes!

Operate all important functions on just one touch display and via the app. The infrastructure of mobile homes is becoming more and more complex: batteries, solar systems, gas and water tanks, heating and hot water boilers or air conditioning systems ensure ever greater comfort. However, along with the convenience and features, the number of monitors and parameters to be monitored also increases, which makes the vehicle more and more confusing. At the same time, owners of “motorhomes” have always had a weakness for space-saving, easy-to-use and simplistic solutions on board. So it is only logical to monitor all values ​​on a single monitor.

Digitization of mobile homes

GreenAkku is now selling the OnDuty system that was developed by the Berlin company "Digitalisiere Jetzt 42 GmbH": Every function in the motorhome, whether the charging power of the solar system or room temperature, can be controlled via the permanently installed "OnDutyDisplay" or via " Monitor the OnDutyControl ”app and control it if necessary. The central screen, which is available in two sizes, shows, on request, the solar control, a room selection with individual modifications, the light control with the choice of color temperature, a heating interface, tank levels and other functions. A special feature: So far, the LiFePO4 batteries from LIONTRON are the only rechargeable batteries that are directly integrated via a BUS interface. Victron Energy solar charge controllers transmit their data to the clearly laid out dashboard via “VE.Direkt”. In a liner, for example, it is possible to set the living room to 25 degrees and the bedroom to 18 degrees.

OnDuty control display and control unit scaled 1 OnDuty trend: The digitization of mobile homes!

Energy savings through smart device management - stress-free and automated

Even more impressive than the control capabilities of OnDuty, however, are the intelligent energy-saving functions: When the batteries are full, for example, the excess energy from a solar system can be used to operate the water boiler and thus conserve the gas supply. This extends the self-sufficiency time. Instead of specifying a temperature for the air conditioning and / or heating, OnDuty controls both systems as required after entering the target temperature. The individual modules, which also include the “OnDutyDisplay”, are connected to one another via a BUS system. CI-BUS capable devices are compatible with "OnDuty" and can be integrated. There are currently six different modules, such as the “OnDutyPower” switching unit or the “OnDutyLight” lighting control. The “OnDutyCore” module forms the core of the open system: a central control unit that offers 23 interfaces for, for example, capacitive tank and gas level sensors, temperature inputs, battery monitors, heating, air conditioning or a network. In addition, "OnDutyCore" has its own sensors for position, air pressure and relative humidity.

Control unit "OnDutyCore" also as a Compact Edition

The “OnDutyCore” control unit is also available as a Compact Edition. Different packages with varying functions and modules, such as the “OnDutyCore Compact Van” bundle, are available from 1.199 euros www.greenakku.de available. The system can be expanded at any time.

LIONTRON OnDuty scaled 1 OnDuty trend: The digitization of mobile homes!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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