Bentley Continental GT Black Bison from Tuner Forest International

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I have just mentioned that the tuner Wald Internationale has acted rather cautiously with its tuning on the Maserati Ghibli and the Bentley Continental GT Black Bison comes from exactly this tuner. The complete opposite, beefy, conspicuous, wide, deep and loud. The name is only "almost" program because this "Black Bison" is damn white. Nevertheless, it remains a bison because these optics certainly polarize.


(Photos: Forest International)

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The  Bentley Continental GT Sports Line Black Bison has only been on the market for a few months and the super noble luxury liner is already being tuned and swapping any elegance for riot. Wald Internationale will present this version of the GT at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 on January 9th. Features of the body kit are the black radiator grille, the vertical eye-catching LED daytime running lights and the aggressive air inlets in the completely redesigned front apron, which is provided with a spoiler sword.

bentley continental forest international 25 Bentley Continental GT Black Bison from Tuner Forest InternationalAlso on the side of the GT was tuned and so he now carries side skirts with air intakes around with him. At the rear there is also a new bumper seat that shines with air outlets and a diffuser. In our opinion, the 4 oval tailpipes, which are similar in construction to the Maserati Ghibli, are stylishly and harmoniously integrated. All attachments were provided with chrome parts. To the installed rims and the lowering we can not give any information at present because unfortunately no information is available to us.

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