Jun car with a Subaru BRZ and motorcycle speed!

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11.600 rpm! This speed is perfectly normal for a motorcycle, and it's nothing special with a Dremel for domestic use, but with a car? High-speed concepts are actually known from BMW and usually end in the direction of 8.000 rpm, and only with the "old" models! Now a Japanese comes along and shows a Subaru BRZ, the engine of which creates an enormous 11.600 rpm. We have listed the most important dates and two videos for you below.

(Photos: Jun Auto)

  • SYNERGY engines optimizes the unit
  • 2,4 liter V8 installed
  • Base: 1,2 liter big Kawasaki motorcycle four-cylinder
  • Power 367 PS (without turbo / compressor) at 10.680 rpm
  • maximum 11.600 rpm
  • Torque 264 Nm at 7.970 rpm


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