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Electric pickup in retro design - Alpha Motors SuperWolf!

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Alpha Motors SuperWolf Tuning 2021 AMC 55 electric pickup in retro design Alpha Motors SuperWolf!

It is still hard to believe that the models of the newly founded Californian electric car manufacturer Alpha Motor Corporation (AMC) will prevail. To date, there have only been a few in a period of about 9 months Studies presented, of which not a single one has yet been made ready for series production. The Californians' latest creation is the Alpha Motors SuperWolf, a four-door pickup truck with large loading area and removable doorsthat reminds a bit of a Jeep Gladiator from the side, and is entirely in the retro design. So far, all models of the US start-up have been created in the design style that is strongly reminiscent of the 1970s. Alpha Motors vehicles are all based on an in-house one Electric platformwhich the Californians say they developed themselves and which is scalable to enable vehicles in various segments.

Wolf series already several models!

As already described above, the Alpha Motors SuperWolf is already the third model of the still young brand, and in addition to the four-door off-road pickup with a large loading area there is also a two-seater version called Wolf, which has a Single cab configuration as well as a Extended cab version On behalf of Wolf +which offers four seats but only two doors. The styling of the pickup looks martial, with the small round headlights, the closed grill and the wide flared fenders that look almost like a widebody kit.

A Underrun protection forward as well as mighty off-road tires, and a Roof rack with additional headlights illustrate the intention to put a veritable off-road pickup on the wheels here that can effortlessly dig its way over hill and dale. The basic version of the wolf comes with either Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive available, and has only one electric motor, while the Wolf + has either rear-wheel drive or Dual-engine 4WD called four-wheel drive disposes.

Alpha Motors SuperWolf Tuning 2021 AMC 40 electric pickup in retro design Alpha Motors SuperWolf!

The flagship of the series, the SuperWolf, which we are introducing to you in more detail today, is only available with one twin-engine all-wheel drive and has the highest towing capacity in the pickup family. From our point of view, the models look cool and are reminiscent of a modern restomod, although they are of course brand new.

Robust but comfortable interior with a large central display.

The cockpit is reduced to the bare essentials, and with its geometric look it appears robust. From our point of view, it fits the vehicle concept perfectly. The great Screen in the middle reminiscent of the Tesla Model 3, which should be the benchmark for the start-up company in terms of sales figures and success.

They seem very spartan Straps, which are used instead of the inner door handles, in complete contrast to the luxurious and comfortable-looking black full leather interior. Even one Central armrest with storage compartment is in the adventurous truck. This should make longer stretches on paved roads a comfortable pleasure.

The dual-motor electric drive provides propulsion.

Two electric motors provide propulsion in the Alpha Motors SuperWolf. The power and torque are unfortunately not yet known to us, but the range of the car should, according to Alpha Motors maximum 480 km lie. These are, of course, factory specifications and should be used with caution with electric vehicles.

Our Summary to the newcomer in the pickup segment:

From our point of view, it is a risk to make a deposit for the Alpha SuperWolf, which is expected to cost US $ 48.000, because it is not yet possible to say at this point whether and when the vehicle will be on the streets. We will of course stay tuned and pursue the start-up company, because the models presented so far sound promising, but first have to prove themselves in everyday life and, above all, in reality. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Alpha Motors SuperWolf Tuning 2021 AMC 38 electric pickup in retro design Alpha Motors SuperWolf!

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Off-road with electric power: the AMC Alpha Wolf +!

AMC Alpha Wolf electric pickup 2 310x165 electric pickup in retro design Alpha Motors SuperWolf!

Alpha Ace - electric coupé with retro design from the USA!

Alpha Ace Electric Coupe Retro Design 3 310x165 Electric Pickup in Retro Design Alpha Motors SuperWolf!

Alpha Jax CUV - on safari paths with an E-Coupe!

AMC Alpha Jax CUV Safari E Auto Tuning 5 310x165 electric pickup in retro design Alpha Motors SuperWolf!

Electric pickup in retro design - Alpha Motors SuperWolf!
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