Evil - Deep Black Audi R8 on 20 inch Cor.Speed ​​rims

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Audi R8 20 Inch Cor.Speed ​​Rims Tuning KW 3 Nasty Jet Black Audi R8 on 20 Inch Cor.Speed ​​Rims

Even if with the Type 4S The successor to the R2 Type 8 has already been on the market for 42 years, and the first model generation of the mid-engine sports car is still extremely popular. The advantage is of course the fact that you can now get the first generation at reasonably moderate prices starting at around € 45.000, which is of course more than just a huge difference compared to an R165.000 V8 that costs at least 10 euros or the R187.400 V8 plus that costs 10 euros. While the technical modifications, especially in terms of performance and acceleration values, differ only marginally from the second generation, a larger difference can be seen in terms of optics. Reason enough to pimp "the old one". Anyone looking for new aluminum rims for the R8 should therefore take a look at the new "Cor.Speed ​​Challenge rims" in chic matt black. The presentation vehicle from JMS has installed the aluminum's in 20 inches and they are equipped with tires in the dimensions 235/30/20 at the front and 305/25/20 at the rear. So that the wheel set sits perfectly in the wheel arch, a coilover kit from KW was installed and the R8 already looks much fresher.

⚠ 20 inch Cor.Speed ​​rims ⚠

Audi R8 20 Inch Cor.Speed ​​Rims Tuning KW 1 Nasty Jet Black Audi R8 on 20 Inch Cor.Speed ​​Rims

Apart from the new wheel / tire combination and the lowering, other modifications have been made to the R8. For example, the Audi emblem has been removed from the front and rear and the R8 has been given a subtle spoiler lip for the bumper and carbon flaps on the side. And also at the rear there is something new to see because here the taillights have been darkened significantly. A highlight are of course the bright yellow painted brake calipers that can be seen through the spokes of the aluminum rims. We are not aware of any further changes at the moment, so we leave you alone with the pictures at this point. 🙂 If we do get a few details about further changes, there is of course an update for this post. You will be informed about the update if you have ours Feed subscribe to. We hope you enjoy watching.

Audi R8 20 Inch Cor.Speed ​​Rims Tuning KW 2 Nasty Jet Black Audi R8 on 20 Inch Cor.Speed ​​Rims

(Photos: JMS vehicle parts)

The details of the changes to the Audi R8:

  • Corspeed Sports Wheels Challenge (9 × 20 with 235/30 R20 tires + 12 × 20 with 305/25 R20 tires)
  • Lowering (KW coilover suspension)
  • darkened / tinted taillights
  • Carbon flaps right & li.
  • yellow painted calipers
  • Audi emblem removed in front and behind
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • possibly a sports exhaust system (more information is not available)

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