JMS vehicle parts

JMS Fahrzeugteile GmbH has been in business since 1992. They tune and refurbish vehicles from various manufacturers: a VW Bus T6 or a Lotus VM 77 as well as one Audi R8 or a Ford Mustang. Exhaust, rims and chassis - the company fulfills countless customer requests. The product range in the tuning catalog includes chassis and brake technology, wind deflectors, body kits, aluminum rims and almost everything that fans need for the right car tuning. Dem Audi For example, A4 B9 gave JMS vehicle parts a completely new look. The body kit includes a subtle front lip and a rear diffuser. A KW variant 3 coilover kit put the vehicle sporty lower. And the new sports suspension gives the car excellent handling on all roads. The tuning is completed by Cor.speed DeVille rims in 20 inches. The RS5 Coupé placed JMS Fahrzeugteile GmbH very deep and equipped it with a luxurious wheel set from Cor.speed DeVille. These were fastened with Barracuda Racing Bolts in dark blue. In addition, there was an air suspension, for the appropriate sound and noble design provides a Capristo sports exhaust. No matter if you have one Audi, one BMW , or Mercedes are driving. And also exotics like one Acura or Maserati are refined there. There is more about the company

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