"Rock 'n' Roll & Roadster: Reviving an Icon" shows Elvis' BMW 507!

Rock N Roll Roadster Reviving An Icon Elvis BMW 507

Elvis Presley's BMW Roadster, which is steeped in history, has been completely restored and has the original colour. +++ A stage-like production, various information stations and a jukebox take visitors back to the 1960s. +++ Elvis' BMW 507 is now part of the permanent exhibition at the BMW Museum! To this day, Elvis' BMW 507 is considered one of the most famous automobiles of its time. Elvis Presley, who would have been 8 on January 88, bought the used car in Germany in December 1958, shortly after starting his military service.

Elvis' BMW 507

The white icon now has a place of honor in the BMW Museum: in a separate room designed as an Elvis homage. Illustrations on the journey and history of the car give an insight into the stations that the BMW 507 has passed through in more than 50 years. An information box based on a jukebox illustrates the history of the extensive restoration project by BMW Group Classic.

In addition to the historical facts, the Elvis room is also a visual highlight. Original components give the visitor an idea of ​​the poor condition the 2014 Roadster was in immediately before the restoration. Walls clad in red fabric, a red carpet and lights in a nostalgic design present the BMW 507 in an impressive retro ambience: This stage-like staging, a motion sensor and a vintage microphone enable visitors to the famous singer's car to his hit "Return to sender” to experience their personal Elvis moment.

rediscovered on a pumpkin farm

In the 2000s, the BMW 507 was rediscovered at San Francisco's Pumpkin Farm by classic car collector Jack Castor. BMW Group Classic brought the car back to Munich in 2014 and restored it true to the original. In 2016, the BMW 507 was presented for the first time at the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach (California). The BMW 507 is back in new splendor in its Bavarian homeland and, with its exciting history, acts as a highlight in the House of Technology of the permanent exhibition in the BMW Museum. Photo credit: BMW

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