Restomod BiTurbo Pontiac Trans Am with insane 1.400 hp!

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Restomod BiTurbo Pontiac Trans Am Header Restomod BiTurbo Pontiac Trans Am with insane 1.400 hp!

It was 1980 when Pontiac became the top model Firebird Trans Am as a Trans Am Turbo Indy Pace Car Edition a 4,9 liter V8 turbo engine missed with 210 PS (154 KW). That was a decent feat for the time, but the turbo V8 was perfect unreliable. And this copy from the video has in the Low boost mode even crazy ones 1.000 PS (736 kW) and is extremely Reliable. The base is a Firebird Trans Am from 1979, the complete restauriert was and to that SE-Spec model is ajar. The black body shows up with many golden accents and of course the typical one Firebird graphic on the hood. The Targa model also wears one Shaker hood and the rims typical of the time in the Snowflake style (snowflake wheels) are also installed. However, at least one size larger. Also the Spur the car is wider. In fact, they are considerable 4 inch (approx. 10 cm).

 wider track for the Trans AM

And why is it wider? Because under the hood instead of the 6,6 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine (it was originally installed in this vehicle) a tuned 7,0-liter V8 in cooperation with two 76-millimeter turbochargers and many small details (new suction, water supply, software, etc.) enormous 1.000 PS generated with low boost pressure.

And if you play around with the boost controller, it is even a maximum 1.420 PS (1.044 kW) which by means of T56 six-speed manual transmission sent to the rear wheels and make them glow. It goes without saying that with this performance one can hardly speak of traction. Nevertheless, the owner says that the vehicle is as Daily Driver can be used. The Pontiac got big soundproofed and the exhaust has been designed to be as quiet as possible. To describe the exhaust system as "quiet" is an understatement, but we do not question that the setup is quite suitable for making longer trips.

Interior with subtle changes

Incidentally, the interior is largely still optically original. True, there are new ones Instruments, Corbeau sports seats, a cage and Double Din sound system as well as a modern one Air conditioning, but the rest hardly stands out from the production vehicle. And this vehicle can rightly be called a real one Sleeper describe. Because basically the original optics are still completely present, but the output is not comparable in approach to the production vehicle. Similar converted vehicles surprisingly now and then with an output of 400 to 600 hp, but no one suspects well over 1.000 hp in the coupe. The classic definitely causes extremely puzzled looks when you step on the accelerator. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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BiTurbo Pontiac Trans Am with insane 1.400 hp!
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