BRABUS 930: Hybrid supercar based on the Mercedes-AMG S 63 E PERFORMANCE!

BRABUS once again sets standards in the luxury sedan segment with this BRABUS 930, based on that Mercedes-AMG S 63 E PERFORMANCE (W223). The ultra-luxury hybrid supercar combines one V8 biturbo combustion engine and one E-Motor to a violent one System output of 684 kW / 930 hp and a System torque of an insane 1.510 Nm, what the BRABUS 930 in just 3,2 seconds can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. The conversion impresses with its Visible carbon aerodynamics and the new ones 22 inch BRABUS monoblock ZM “PLATINUM EDITION” aluminum, which not only give a sporty look, but also optimize aerodynamics.

BRABUS 930 supercar

The familiar is convincing in the interior BRABUS MASTERPIECE with the finest black quilted leather, a Dinamica headliner and sporty carbon elements. However, the price for the rolling work of art is 481.950 EUR, including 19 percent VAT.

The combination of the 740 PS strengthen Eight-cylinder combustion engine with two BRABUS high-performance turbochargers and the 190 PS strengthen Electric motor The hybrid drive ensures extreme performance in this segment, which is perfected by the electronic engine management. The all-wheel drive BRABUS 930 reaches an electronically limited Top speed of 290 km / h and it ensures the right sound BRABUS Sports exhaust system reported flap control. The exhaust system is visually impressive with its four tailpipes, framed by one Visible carbon diffuser. With a Warranty from 3 years to 100.000 kilometers and the exclusive use of MOTUL lubricants BRABUS underlines its philosophy, High Performance reported the ultimate stability to unite.

of course again with a guarantee

The 930 also has a Sporty, elegantly styled visible carbon aerodynamic program, which not only enhances the look, but also optimizes driving stability at high speeds. The luxurious wheels of the 930 come in sizes 9 × 22 in for the front axle and 10.5 × 22 for the rear and are equipped with high-performance tires. The BRABUS SportXtra suspension module also enables lowering by up to 10 millimeters, depending on the driving program. The BRABUS MASTERPIECE interior continues the luxurious character as always, with a focus on attention to detail and individuality. Owner of a current one S63 By the way, you have the option of using the BRABUS components to refine.

BRABUS 930, a hybrid supercar based on the S 63 E:

  • Model: BRABUS 930 based on the Mercedes-AMG S 63 E PERFORMANCE
  • Power Type: Combination of BRABUS V8 biturbo combustion engine and Electric motor
  • system performance: 684 kW / PS 930
  • System torque: 1510 Nm
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 3,2 seconds
  • top speed: Electronically on 290 km/h limited
  • aerodynamics: Visible carbon components, BRABUS front spoiler, side inserts, radiator grille with RAM-AIR intakes, rear diffuser and rear spoiler
  • bicycles: 22 inch BRABUS monoblock ZM “PLATINUM EDITION”
  • Interior: BRABUS MASTERPIECE with black, quilted leather, Dinamica headliner, carbon elements
  • Exclusivity: Limited to 120 vehicles
  • Exhaust: Stainless steel BRABUS sports exhaust system with exhaust flap control, titanium/carbon tailpipes
  • retail price: 481.950 EUR (including 19% VAT in Germany)
  • Warranty: 3 years to 100.000 kilometers
  • Lubricants: Exclusive to MOTUL
  • Suspension: BRABUS SportXtra, can be lowered by up to 10 mm
  • rim sizes: Front 9Jx22, rear 10.5Jx22 with high-performance tires 265/35 ZR 22 at the front and 295/30 ZR 22 at the rear
  • Customization options: Performance upgrade, carbon aerodynamic concept, monoblock wheels, exclusive interior options

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Mercedes-AMG S 63 E PERFORMANCE as BRABUS 930 (W223)
Photo credit/source: Brabus
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