Brutalo Lamborghini Gallardo from tuner Reiter Engineering

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The German tuner Reiter Engineering has inflated the Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 GT3 extremely and turned it into a roaring and wide extreme version for the racetrack. When viewed from behind, the extremely widened rear of the REITER Gallardo Extenso R-EX is immediately apparent. Wider fenders and new headlights (front + rear) were also installed at the front. The maximum permitted vehicle width of 205 centimeters was achieved with the REITER Gallardo Extenso R-EX.


(Photos: Reiter Engineering)

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A very important criterion was the sound of the Lambo, which Reiter Engineering perfectly matched due to the high popularity of the SaReNi Camaro GT3. The planned start for the Lamborghini is the Blancpain GT Series, the SRO GT Sports Club and the US Pirelli World Challenge. The Gallardo R-EX is being sold to 10 well-heeled customers for $ 248.000 so that private individuals can also benefit. Nice extra, CARBON-BLACK and TITANIUM GRAY can be chosen.


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