Corvette C7 with Gold Foil and Forgiato Widebody Kit

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Personally, I always practice low-key enthusiasm when it comes to a car that has one golden, silver or Chromium Foil, therefore immediately classified as "beautiful". With the Corvette shown here, I could definitely rethink this way of thinking. In connection with the Forgiato Wide-Bodykit and the black accents, this Vette looks quite “fat” and yet to a certain extent “not exaggerated”.


(Photos: Forgiato Wheels)

These are the known changes to the Corvette C7 shown here:

  • Forgiato Wide Body Kit
  • Price of the car about $ 150.000
  • Gold Foiling
  • Carbon spoiler lip in front
  • Lowering
  • black matte details and alloy wheels
  • F2.21-ECL forged wheels (F2.21-ECL rims are available in 20 to 26 inches and 11 variants)

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