The office in the car? No problem with the Ective inverter 1000W!


To be completely honest, I never heard of an inverter until a few days ago. Last week we received an e-mail from batterium GmbH from Ludwigsburg, who made us the suggestion to test your own brand Ective inverter. "Googled" briefly on the net and at least roughly I knew what it was about.

Pure sine wave inverter 12V on 230V 1000W 2000W 1 The office in the car? No problem with the Ective inverter 1000W!

The Ective inverter makes it extremely easy to operate a TV, lamp, laptop or other device with a 230V connection with the car. The model we tested was the Ective Energy inverter 1000W which, as the number suggests, can operate devices up to 1000W constantly. However, stronger versions are also available on request. (We discovered 1.000-1.500-2.000 even 12.000 watts in the "Inverter" category in the online shop)

20150725 161924 The office in the car? No problem with the Ective inverter 1000W!

After the device was delivered, we had it installed within what felt like 2 minutes. The enclosed description makes the already extremely simple connection even easier. The remote control included in the scope of delivery monitors everything during operation and is very flexible with a 3m connection cable and can be laid at almost any point in the vehicle. The supplied cable connection kit for the vehicle battery is clamped to the inverter and the vehicle battery with screw connections - done!

20150725 161932 The office in the car? No problem with the Ective inverter 1000W!

If you now activate the inverter, 1.000W and 230V are immediately available and our editorial car virtually itself contributes the electricity for the vacuum cleaner with which it is to be cleaned. Especially at the last open-air concert I would have wished for a device like this to charge the battery of my laptop. We summarize all the important data and facts about the Ective Energy inverter 1000W for you and of course show you where you can buy the device. (The 1.000W continuous power version currently costs € 169,90 in the online shop)

Technical data and functions:

  • Soft Start (soft start)
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Overload protection
  • overheating protection
  • Reverse polarity protection (fuse triggers)
  • Shutdown in the event of an overload
  • Various acoustic warning signals in case of problems
  • Network priority switching (NVS)
  • uninterruptible power supply (UPS) - due to only 10mS switchover time also suitable for sensitive devices!
  • Efficiency: over 85%
  • Voltage: 12 V to 230 V.
  • Continuous power: 1000 W
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 310 x 150 x 70 mm
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Wave type: pure sine wave
  • Maximum power over 10s: 1500 W.
  • Maximum power over 2s: 2000 W.
  • Thermal shutdown: from 75 ° C
  • Overvoltage shutdown: 15,5V +/- 0,2V
  • Undervoltage shutdown: 10,2 V +/- 0,2 V
  • Overload shutdown: From 2000 W
  • Low battery alarm: 10,8 V +/- 0,2 V
  • Own consumption during operation: less than 0,8 A.
  • Connection cable included: 1 set (+ & -) cables with suitable cross-section
  • Item weight: 3,40 kg

Technical features of the inverter:

Using the supplied remote control (cable length 3m), you can conveniently control the inverter remotely from the sleeping area or the driver's cabin, etc. In addition, the remote control has an LED charge level indicator in 20% steps so that you always keep an eye on the current capacity of the battery.

The intelligent electronics switch off the device if the battery voltage is too low. For you, this means that the battery is no longer deeply discharged on its own, for example because you forget to switch off the devices. Damage to the battery is therefore no longer possible.

The whole thing can be bought here:

battery GmbH
Mauserstr. 6
71640 Ludwigsburg
Fon: 07141 5609040
Fax: 07141 5609049

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  1. F.Rainer Lehmann

    The "extremely simple way" of generating 1000 watts with 220 volts from the car battery means that the car battery has to deliver 85 amps of electricity at the specified rate of approx. 100 percent. For example, if you want to work with a 1000 watt vacuum cleaner. The standard 50 Ah battery in the GOLF is theoretically "flat" after 30 minutes, and in practice after maybe 15 minutes, because it is never 100% full and with such a high discharge current its usable capacity is much lower than the nominal value of 50 Ah.
    Operating a laptop with perhaps 120 watts in the car via an inverter makes sense, since the 50 Ah battery lasts for 3 ... 4 hours until it is empty and the car no longer starts. An inverter with max. 25o watts. The 1000 watts are not very useful in a car or mobile home.

    • F.Rainer Lehmann

      sorry if I have a different view there.
      You only do some theoretical calculations and I strongly believe that you do not need such an inverter. But then generally saying that it is unnecessary or not useful is wrong.
      I have installed this inverter in the 2000 watt version on my 85Ah second battery and I am very satisfied. I use the device in my company vehicle and operate circular saws, industrial vacuum cleaners and my sense machine for the break. Perhaps you are not aware that you can start the engine if you run strong consumers?
      And the charger for my tool batteries alone draws 600 watts.
      You can even connect a 60 watt laptop to it 😉

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