New Honda Civic 240Turbo CVT from Yofer-Design!

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New Honda Civic 240Turbo CVT 2022 Yofer Design Bodykit Tuning 1

The first modified vehicles of the eleventh generation of the Honda Civic. One of the most popular tuning vehicles in the world, which in its current guise looks much more serious, adult and conservative than its shrill predecessor, of course does not spoil it when it comes to the latest tuning trends. Many Honda fans all over the world will take a closer look at the vehicle, because the current Civic generation should of course continue the status of the popular project vehicle, despite the dignified series design.

subtle tuning measures on the Civic

The Chinese tuning company thought so too Yoferwho decided on a new Honda Civic to advertise their current portfolio and to bring them to men or women. We would like to introduce you to the advertising vehicle that is making its rounds in China. From the Ricer tuning, which unfortunately gave the Civic a dubious image, is nothing to be seen on this specimen.

Everything is consistent and discreet, which gives the somewhat conservatively designed new Civic a certain dynamic. The first thing to do is Yofer body kit on which one from fat side skirts and a subtle one rear spoiler that harmonizes well with the overall design of the vehicle. This joins in Air Bft Airride landing gearthat ensures that the Civic mutates into an asphalt milling machine. The landing gear with the designation Air Bft V4-PH3 has a Controllerinstalled in the interior Compressorthat found its place in the trunk, and one Bluetooth interfaceso that you can adjust the chassis from your smartphone.

New Honda Civic 240Turbo CVT 2022 Yofer Design Bodykit Tuning 25

There are also two-part forged on the vehicle alloy wheels in 19-inch format by Yofer, which with their deep bed look, white finish and honeycomb design with Y-spokes are strongly reminiscent of classic BBS wheels, and give the Civic a dynamic look. Last but not least, the exhaust system changed, and it held a titaniummuffler from CENDE Einzug, which has tailpipes that also come from Yofer. The drawn Wheel arches ensure a look that cannot be overlooked, and we are sure that this Yofer advertising vehicle would not have to hide from various tuning projects in this country, but would find a lot of fans.

1,5 liter turbo gasoline engine provides propulsion

The engine has apparently not been revised and is still performing 182 PS and 240 Newtonmeter maximum torque. The power transmission takes place via a stepless CVT auf die Front wheels. The transmission is a bit slower than a dual clutch transmission, but it should still provide sufficient performance, because a tight 182 hp is no stick in a compact sedan, and the weight of the Honda is only 1,4 tons.

Our conclusion on the Honda Civic:

Yofer shows many Honda fans how to modify a Civic stylishly yet dynamically without turning it into a fair! We like what we see and our thumb is clearly going up. If you feel the same way, you can take a look at the picture gallery that we have attached to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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New Honda Civic 240Turbo CVT as a promotional vehicle from Yofer-Design!
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