Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica shines with Alcantara®!

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Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Alcantara® 2

The Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica made its debut at the Valencia circuit, Spain, and featured a wide range of Alcantara® finishes. These perfectly interpret the lifestyle and supercar soul of this latest model from the Sant'Agata Bolognese company. The entire range of ergonomic seats is upholstered in Alcantara. In particular, the central part of the sports seat features a laser pattern reminiscent of the hexagonal design that is Lamborghini's trademark.

Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica

Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Alcantara® 4

The racing character of the Huracán Tecnica is further enhanced by the interior materials: Alcantara, carbon and dark chrome. The colors are made by Alcantara exclusively for Automobili Lamborghini: Nero Ade, Grigio Octans and Blu Delphinus. The contrasting leather details are reminiscent of the exterior color of the body. In addition, the steering wheel is fully covered in Alcantara, with a contrasting cut-out on the front at 12 o'clock, following the tradition of racing car steering wheels. The customization of the cockpit can be brought to a climax with the ad personam program, because Automobili Lamborghini customers can choose from a further, wide range of Alcantara colors.

"Made in Italy Materials"

Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Alcantara® 1

The use of this "Made in Italy material" gives the vehicle a lifestyle image and also has other positive side effects. Alcantara's lightness reduces overall weight, thereby contributing to the vehicle's performance, especially when combined with carbon fiber. Alcantara also offers maximum grip and breathability. The same technical choice is also beneficial for the seats, which make the sporty driving experience pleasant in every situation.

Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Alcantara® 3

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Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica shines with Alcantara®!
Photo credit: Alcantara®
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