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Unique item: Infiniti QX70 with FX35 trailer called "QX105"!

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Infiniti QX70 FX35 Trailer QX105 9 Unique item: Infiniti QX70 with FX35 Trailer called QX105!

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Many car fans are probably familiar with them smart trailer, which are perfect for being coupled to a smart ForTwo, so that you get more storage space and utility in this way. Such a suitable trailer has also been presented for a VW Beetle, which takes up the spherical design of the Volkswagen. But now there is a new dimension in things coming from China Trailer construction, since we have one in the network Infiniti QX70 with matching trailer have found, which is certainly unique. This trailer was professionally made, and was originally a crashed Infiniti FX35from the remains of which emerged the creation we are introducing to you today.

Modified QX70 towing vehicle

Nice that towing vehicle The trailer has been properly modified to give it a sporty impression. So the originally dark brown Infiniti QX70 was complete wrapped in red, and with a black one Honeycomb grille equipped that looks extremely sporty. A body kit with front spoiler, side skirts and two spoilers at the rear, one of which is attached to the roof, and the other below the rear window, make the design of the futuristic Japanese even more aggressive.

Infiniti QX70 FX35 Trailer QX105 14 Unique item: Infiniti QX70 with FX35 Trailer called QX105!

The body kit is of course in Carbon look held in order to create the most sporty impression possible. Of course, the silver ones also match the dynamic overall impression of the towing vehicle Turbine rimsthat come in 21-inch format and look great on the Infiniti QX70. Live behind the 21 inchers red brake calipers of a Brembo brake system, which was specially installed to bring the 2-ton load safely to a standstill. The Thule roof box, which was also bought for the towing vehicle in order to improve the look and the storage space, is somewhat superfluous from our point of view. The overall impression is very professional, but the absolute highlight of the probably unique project is something to be found further back.

Trailer from a crashed Infiniti FX35.

Now comes what is probably the most spectacular trailer we have ever seen! This became from a type accident vehicle Infiniti FX35 made by cutting the SUV in the middle, canning the entire interior and the cockpit, one self-made partition wall built in, and converted the stern into a fully functional trailer. Together with a special Trailer drawbar the trailer fits perfectly on the trailer coupling and can therefore be easily pulled from the towing vehicle.

In order to match the look of the trailer to the Infiniti QX70, the Turbine rims attached, as on the towing vehicle. In addition, parts of the bodykits installed, and the entire trailer was the same shade of red as the QX70 lacquered. Since a window was also attached to the trailer, it would be possible to use it as a small caravan without any problems, and you would have the coolest camping team in the world.

Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the drive.

Unfortunately, we do not know whether the towing vehicle has a V6 or a V8 petrol engine stuck, but with either engine the Infiniti QX70 is definitely not underpowered. After all, the aggregates perform between 320 and 390 hp, and help the sporty crossover, even with a trailer on the back, to achieve appealing driving performance.

Infiniti QX70 FX35 Trailer QX105 11 Unique item: Infiniti QX70 with FX35 Trailer called QX105!

Our conclusion on the unusual team!

It is always impressive what imagination and passion Chinese tuning companies show when it comes to realizing unusual projects. In our opinion, this team, which was apparently exhibited at a tuning fair, is without a doubt one of the coolest projects we have found so far. If you have a similar opinion, then you can take a look at the picture gallery that we have provided for you at the end of the post. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Verivox tuning blog credit 12 single item: Infiniti QX70 with FX35 trailer called QX105!

go Unique piece: Infiniti QX70 with FX35 trailer called QX105!

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