Lancia Delta Integrale Restomod (Delta Futuristica) is for sale!

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The Lancia Delta Intergrale HF is one of the absolute icons of automotive engineering. Through various successes in rallying, the vehicle achieved legendary status. This reputation has also brought a body shop onto the scene, which some time ago set up a New edition as Restomod small series dared. After the debut about a year ago, a copy of the exotic is now on the used car market appeared, which only has a few kilometers on the clock. this one Automobili Amos We would now like to introduce you to Delta Futuristica.

Rally legend for collectors

Such a car initially cost around €350.000, but prices for this special series only know how to go up. The copy, which is now supposed to change hands, will be available for an impressive $649.950 Prestige imports available for sale in North Miami, Florida. Judging by the fact that another vehicle of the special series, which only 20 pc included, changed hands last year for just $212.000, that's an increase of a good 200 percent. And we're assuming that this vehicle can see even more value appreciation as it's strictly limited and highly coveted.

Modifications to the body of Amos Automobili!

Not just modern tail lights in LED style, but also the Abandonment of the rear doors immediately catch the eye. They were removed in favor of a sportier look and also ensure improved aerodynamics and a higher Body stiffness. The vehicle offered also has rally stripes in the legendary martini design. Also decorate Evo Corse Turbofan alloy wheels the Restomod, which are colour-coordinated with the black body.

330 hp ensure a racing feeling

In contrast to the 200 hp that the original Lancia Delta Intergrale HF had to make do with, the Restomod project has plenty to offer 330 PS for propulsion. The power is transmitted via a Five-speed manual on all four wheels. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the driving performance, but the vehicle should be in its profession both on winding country roads and on mountain passes.

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Our conclusion on the Lancia Delta Integrale as a restomod:

A dream has been revived and of course the solvent clientele does not want to miss this. We think that such a car deserves a lover who will cherish and care for the car and not sell it again. If we get more information about the changes to the Lancia Delta Integrale as a restomod, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Rally legend reloaded: Lancia Delta Integrale as a restomod called Delta Futuristica by Amos Automobili is for sale!
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