A new MST Metro 6R4? The return of the Group B monster!

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The team at MST appears to be planning to revive the MG Metro 6R4, a Group B rally icon from the 80s, through a small series. MST has already made a name for itself with racing parts for the Ford Escort models Mk1 and Mk2 and corresponding rebuilds. In 1985 and 86, the MG Metro 6R4 fought on the world's rally circuits in Group B races against the Audi Quattro Sport, Peugeot 205 T16, Lancia Delta S4 and Ford RS200. The monster small car concept was then developed by Williams Engineering and is only slightly based on the MG Metro. Unlike its turbocharged competitors at the time, the Metro 6R4 featured a high-revving, naturally aspirated V6 tuned by Williams. The three-liter six-cylinder, which was derived from a Rover V8 and was installed centrally behind the pilot, is said to have officially achieved at least 390 hp at 9.000 rpm in the factory specification.

MST plans revival of Metro 6R4

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To meet the homologation, 200 Metro 6R4 cars were built to Clubman specification with approximately 250 hp for street use. A total of only 205 examples of the Metro 6R4 were made. However, the Metro 6R4 population could start growing again next year. Denn, the Wales-based company Motorsport Tools (MST) plans to revive the Metro 6R4 and expand the in-house range of rally cars. Although the official price has not yet been announced, MST expects the price to be at least £300.000, which is roughly €340.000 requirements.

With powerful Audi V6 engine!

MST plans to reproduce the original 6R4 space frame for the new Metro. The carbon body panels are supplied by Innovative Composites, who already make replica parts for the original 6R4. The newly launched 6R4 should therefore be almost identical in appearance to the original. Further technical specifications have not yet been determined at the current stage of development, but the new Metro should at least operate at the level of the historical model.

For the drive will be apparent Audi V6 aggregates (CGWC) with a displacement of three liters and supercharging, as installed in the Audi S4 (B8), as original engines are no longer available. The unit should also provide 333 hp and a maximum torque of 440 Nm as in the S4. However, MST is already planning an increase in performance to about 450 PS. A six-speed sequential gearbox and differentials by the specialist Sadev are supplied, ensure that the power is distributed to all four wheels.

There will probably be two versions!

It is planned that the Metro 6R4 will be launched in two variants. The first version will be UK road legal and will feature an Alcantara interior. For purists, however, there is a second version that is designed as a completely stripped-out lightweight version for racing. MST plans to deliver the first vehicles in late 2024 or early 2025, with around ten units to be built each year.

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The New MST Metro 6R4 - Return of the Group B Monster!
Photo credit: Motorsport Tools (MST)
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