Deep Nissan GT-R R35 without rear spoiler, but with 660 PS!

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Slammed Nissan GT R R35 JDM Tuning 5 Deep Nissan GT R R35 without rear spoiler, but with 660 PS!

It's one of those controversial discussions when it comes to the (still) current Nissan GT-R R35. With or without a rear spoiler ?! Is the aerodynamic component a must-have on Godzilla of the current generation, or does the fry counter look exaggerated and plump? As is well known, opinions differ on this, and since tastes are completely different, there will never be a right or wrong solution to this topic. It will be interesting to see which rear a possible successor to the R35 will get, and whether the mighty rear wing will also play a role in the new Godzilla. Until the presentation of the possible R36 GT-R but it should take some time, since the vehicle has not yet got beyond the development stage, and not even yet Prototypes were sighted.

Godzilla as a spoiler-free eye-catcher!

Until then, we will provide you with an ultra-cool, modified GT-R R35 from the British tuner Adam Crispin a little closer, which is sure to get a lot of attention wherever it's seen. The GT-R in one Custom shade called Candy Raspberry, has a front Carbon fiber bumper from CMST, as well as front fender flares from the same manufacturer. the rear bumper comes from Varis while the rear fender flares from the legendary label Pandem Rocket Bunny are. Furthermore were still Carbon side skirts attached to create a body kit of superlatives, which of a Liberty walkdiffuser is completed.

But the modifications to the GT-R are far from over, as there is also a Carbon bonnet by Knight Racer, which makes for a nasty look. Now we come to the corpus delicti of many Internet discussions, namely the removed rear wingwhich of a Ducktail spoiler which gives the bolide more simplicity and elegance. At least that is our opinion, but there are many voices who say that this removes the aggressiveness of the car. There was also a Air Lift Performance Airride chassis built in, which with the help of a 3P control can be regulated from the interior. There were also two-part 20-inch Alus attached by CMST, on the front Tires in the format 265/35 R20, while on the rear axle Slippers do their job in the dimensions 305/30 R20.

Slammed Nissan GT R R35 JDM Tuning 1 Deep Nissan GT R R35 without rear spoiler, but with 660 PS!

Incidentally, the tires come from Nankang and listen to the model name NS-2R. Behind the rims, which with their floral design are somewhat reminiscent of a water lily blossom and with their white finish fit into the JDM scene, lives one Brembo brakes. She is with Alcon brake discs and Ferodo DS2500 Brake pads fitted. This ensures that Godzilla comes to a safe stop even at high speeds.

Alcantara interior with a sporty flair!

As soon as you open the doors, you will be seen from a sea Alcantara surprised. The complete Cockpit as well as the Seats were covered with the natural fiber to give a particularly sporty and dynamic impression. purple contrast stitching as well as purple Carbon elements provide an unmistakable flair, which from our point of view takes some getting used to. In addition to the garish carbon inlays, there is another one Carbon steering wheel with carbon shift paddles in the vehicle, which means that carbon, along with Alcantara, is the dominant material in the GT-R.

Slammed Nissan GT R R35 JDM Tuning 9 Deep Nissan GT R R35 without rear spoiler, but with 660 PS!

660 horses ensure moist eyes

The Nissan is powered by one 3,8-liter V6 biturbo petrol enginewho listens to the engine code VR38DETT. The engine was garnished with various modifications, including the 3 inch (approx. 8 cm) large one down pipes, a 4 inch (about 10 cm) Decat exhaust system with titanium tailpipes and a Ecutek RaceROM custom remapping for engine and gearbox. Other modifications are ASNU injectors, Big power intake, and a Knight Racer Stage 4 setup. Equipped in this way, the engine generates a lot of power 660 PS, with which the vehicle can still be used as a Daily Driver suitable. Nevertheless, you can go on a Porsche hunt if you feel like it, because the performance is on a supercar level.

Slammed Nissan GT R R35 JDM Tuning 6 Deep Nissan GT R R35 without rear spoiler, but with 660 PS!

Our Summary for Nissan GT-R R35:

An exceptionally elegant Godzilla. Respect to tuner Adam Crispin, who has managed to create a noble Gentlemen Gran Turismo, which looks so elegant that you cut a good figure with him everywhere. If you agree, then you can click through the picture gallery that we have attached to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Slammed Nissan GT-R R35 without rear spoiler with 660 PS!
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