"Van Life" in the Porsche Cayenne! At home on four wheels ...

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"Van Life Porsche Cayenne 1" Van Life "in the Porsche Cayenne! At home on four wheels ...

In the spring of 2021, Harrison Schoen made a decision that may seem strange at first glance. After giving up his rented house in Salt Lake City, he stowed a few belongings in his mile-tested Porsche Cayenne, built in 2008, and considered it his "home" from now on. Schoen, born and raised in St Louis, Missouri, joined the Navy when he was 18, held various positions and eventually moved to San Diego, where the Pacific Fleet was based. After his discharge from the military, he set out for the country to Salt Lake City, Utah, where he made a living doing various jobs. A year and a half later, he decided to change direction drastically.

"Van Life" in the Porsche Cayenne!

“In the Navy, with my life on an aircraft carrier, I learned to get on with little. After my release, I moved to a two-room house and it wasn't long before I moved into the garage and rented the two rooms out, so that I lived practically for free. But after a while I got tired of doing other things instead of just living my life. "

"I realized how short life is"

It's 9 a.m. in Utah and Schoen is talking from his cayenne, where he's having breakfast. His original plan was actually to go abroad, he explains, initially with Thailand in mind. The COVID pandemic put an abrupt end to his international “escape plans”, but it also gave Schoen the idea of ​​making the best of the here and now. “I realized how short life is,” says the 24-year-old, “and if I have the opportunity to be constantly on the move and get on with my life, then I should do it while I'm still young and physically instead of working all my life, I am able to retire and then try to enjoy the world. "

After the experiences of the past 18 months, this attitude will be well received by many, and Schoen's adventure, which began just four months ago, is already delighting a growing number of followers on social media. The posts reveal a mixture of romantic escape from the world and real renunciation. The Cayenne, although traditionally a luxury car, would not be the motorhome of choice for most people, but Schoen spotted it on the internet one evening and the next morning it was the new owner.

"Van Life Porsche Cayenne 28" Van Life "in the Porsche Cayenne! At home on four wheels ...

Schoen started the renovation without hesitation. This included a 3-inch lift kit, upper tubular wishbones, new lower wishbones with plastic bushings on the front axle, and 18-inch rims with imposing 33 x 12,5-inch off-road tires. To do this, he installed a roof rack for a roof box, a canopy and spotlights, and he dismantled the rear bumper to increase the drive-away angle.

Another important decision when converting the Cayenne was to install a bunk bed instead of a roof tent. Contributing to this decision was not only the fact that a roof tent restricts the driver to certain campsites, but also that the center of gravity is increased considerably, which hinders driving in difficult terrain.

Driving Down the Beach in Oregon!

Schoen has been living in his Cayenne since May, cooking on a camping stove and washing himself under a shower mounted on the roof. He's done some of the toughest tours in the western US states, with a goal of visiting every national park in the US and even making it to Alaska. He wants to document every section of the journey via social media and YouTube. “My best experience so far has been driving down the beach in Oregon,” he says. “I arrived at six in the morning and the whole beach was covered in fog. I had never ridden a beach before and it was just an amazing experience. In addition, the coolest photos of the car so far were taken. "

Schoen has covered the impressive 32.000 kilometers in his Cayenne since he bought it in February, and so far there is no end to the adventure in sight. “I really enjoy traveling at the moment,” he says. “One of the motivations was to do something different from everyone else. The Navy has prepared me well for my current life, that is, to live in a small space as well as for seclusion. I'm actually not that lonely and I was also lucky enough to make friends all over the country. There is a great community of people who live the 'Van Life'. I'm just pushing it a little further, because with my Porsche I can get to places that most people are denied. "

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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