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Picobello on your camping adventure: surface care for motorhomes and caravans!

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QUIXX Acryl Kratzer Entf 04 Picobello on your camping adventure: surface care for motorhomes and caravans!

Camping fans put a lot of love into their hobby. Because motorhomes or caravans are costly investments and correspondingly many years in use. According to figures from the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the average mobile home in Germany was a proud 2018 years old in 13,6. Cars had four years less under their belt. Due to the long service life, which also applies to caravans, the outer shell often no longer looks nice. Fortunately, however, there are do-it-yourself products from QUIXX's "surface rescuers" for many problem areas - whether it's scratched plastic windows, stone chip damage to the windshield or faded tires.

Picobello on a camping adventure

During the camping season, the side and rear windows in particular have to withstand a lot. Often bushes and branches leave unsightly scratches after contact, which not only affect the appearance, but also make the surface lastingly matt. Thanks to the all-inclusive QUIXX Acrylic Scratch Remover kit for 12,95 euros, this can be remedied quickly. The innovative product shows quick results in professional quality. The basis is QUIXX Plastic Deformation Technology (PDT). The video tutorial explains all the steps.

Stone chip damage to the windshield is also a problem in motorhomes, after all, they often travel many kilometers on the motorway: the use of the windshield repair set for 19,95 euros is - typically QUIXX - even for laypeople without any problems. First, loose pieces of glass are removed with the razor blade. Next, attach the plastic cross of the applicator with the suction cups over the damaged area and mount the repair resin container. Now fill in the resin and screw in the "pressure driver" so that the mass is pressed into the crack. Then wait four to six minutes until everything is optimally distributed. After the subframe has been removed, the so-called “curing strip” is applied and the car is placed in the sun for five to ten minutes. Now the resin has hardened and the repair is complete. All steps are shown in detail in the video tutorial.

If there are deep scratches in the sheet metal, it's time for the QUIXX paint repair pen (€ 12,95). It balances the level with clear lacquer and protects against corrosion and oxidation. Everything is shown in detail in the video tutorial. Another problem area is faded tires. The solution is called QUIXX Black Tire Color. In contrast to many tire sprays, there is no greasy sheen, but a rich, silk-matt tone. One pack for 14,95 euros is enough for eight to twelve tires. The anti-aging lasts up to six months and is carried out in no time (video tutorial). The special paint dries quickly, does not stick and does not attract dust. The tires are also protected from UV radiation and harmful environmental influences, including rain and car wash resistance.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Surface care for mobile homes and caravans!

QUIXX washer repair set

QUIXX paint repair pen

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