Saturday 16rd October 2021

Refurbished AUDI R8 V10 from SGA Aerodynamics

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The Audi R8 has firmly established itself in the field of super athletes, at least since the appearance of the V10 version. The Ingolstadt-based company has cast off the image of Softi-Gallardo's and some tuners such as xXx Performance let off steam on the R8. Now SGA Aerodynamics has also taken on the R8 and strapped a discreet and coherent aerodynamics package to the V10.

Audi R8 SGA aerodynamics 1 Refurbished AUDI R8 V10 from SGA Aerodynamics

(Photos: SGA Aerodynamics)

Refurbished AUDI R8 V10 from SGA Aerodynamics

The body kit called "XII GT Aero-Kit" includes a new front apron with conspicuously angular air inlets, new side skirts and visually conspicuously widened air inlets. Something has also been done at the rear, the rear apron is new and the attached rigid rear spoiler gives a completely new look.

Audi R8 SGA aerodynamics 2 Refurbished AUDI R8 V10 from SGA AerodynamicsThe optically very well-fitting "MAE Forged" 21-inch alloy wheels with the dimensions 245/30 and 295/35 round off the tuning package in conjunction with the adjustable coilover suspension from MAE Design. Since the customer also wants to announce that it is not the V8 but the fat V10 that arrives here, the R8 was given a flap exhaust system. The 525 hp 5,2 liter V10 engine was not changed by SGA Aerodynamics.

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Refreshed AUDI R8 V10 from SGA Aerodynamics

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