Thats how it is suppost to be! 763PS in the Audi RS6 from HGP!

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The current RS6 is fast, classy and expensive! Reason enough to make it faster, more elegant and more expensive. HGP is now making just that possible. Ferrari or Lamborghini may well be afraid of the RS6 in series production. The HGP version shouldn't really improve this fact.

Audi RS6 hgp tuning 1 That's it! 763PS in the Audi RS6 from HGP!

(Photos: HGP)

HGP made the following changes on the Audi RS6:

  • Performance increases up to 763 PS
  • three tuning levels, individually selectable

Level 1:

  • new Stainless steel exhaust system
  • adapted engine and transmission control
  • Vmax abolition
  • Tüveintragung
  • Result 715 PS and 930 Nm
  • 13.800 Euros

Level 2:

  • all changes of level 1
  • double 76mm-trouser pipes
  • Result 733 hp
  • 15.800 Euros

Level 3:

  • all changes of level 1 and 2
  • modified turbocharger
  • enlarged compression wheel
  • adapted compression housing
  • enlarged turbine housing
  • Result 763 hp and 965 Nm torque
  • 32.800 Euros

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