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Startech Land Rover Defender leather interior 1

So there is hardly a vehicle more suitable for off-road use than a Land Rover Defender. An indestructible body and a Spartan equipped interior which seem to be made for eternity. However, a few days ago, STARTECH posted a completely modified Defender on its website, which still has these characteristics (apart from the Spartan interior), but with which one does not actually dare to drive off-piste. Background is especially the completely modified interior. Here there was a full leather outfit which even affects the roll bar and the rear loading area. Everything is wrapped in brown leather and partially deposed in light beige. The interior leaves the impression that slippers are required. Who wants to soil these extremely noble materials with mud, etc.?

Startech Land Rover Defender leather interior 3

In addition, there was a sound system from Vocal whose absolute highlight is on the loading area. Here, large loudspeakers were installed on the right & left in the rear part on the bench and a subwoofer on the loading flap. In addition, the floor is lined with fine wood and there is also a safety net. Outside there were new front and rear bumpers, new aluminum rims with coarse off-road tires, an upward-moving intake snorkel, LED headlights and additional lights, a bonnet with checkered plate optics and also subtle details such as a "Defender" lettering in black or optional running boards for easier entry. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this post. You will be informed about the update if you have ours Feed subscribe to. We hope you enjoy watching.

Startech Land Rover Defender leather interior 4

(Photos: Startech)

The details of the changes to the Land Rover Defender:

  • Retro look front
  • Checker plate look bonnet
  • New front and rear bumpers
  • LED headlights + additional lights
  • black STARTECH rims (in other colors on request)
  • fully modified interior (leather, wooden floor, Alcantara, sport seats, VOCAL sound system, ALU pedals and much more)
  • Preparation for winch in front
  • Snorkel for intake
  • possibly an increase in performance
  • possibly a sports exhaust system

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