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The Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling electric car. It is the first electric car that is really suitable for the masses. The vehicle offers excellent performance combined with an affordable price. The Model 3 is the perfect way to enter the world of electric cars. It not only looks good, but also convinces with its performance.

The design

The Model 3 is a sporty car with an elegant and clean design. There are no complicated lines or elements. Instead, there are simple but effective shapes and edges. The result is a car that looks very modern. With its elegant lines and innovative design, it is the perfect companion for everyday use. Its large windows ensure a pleasant atmosphere inside.

The performance

Tesla has created an impressive car with the Model 3. It's fast, looks good, and has good range. The car has a battery with a capacity of 55 kilowatt hours. It thus achieves a range of up to 491 kilometers per charge. The top speed is 225 kilometers per hour. The Tesla Model 100 accelerates from zero to 3 in 6,1 seconds. With its four-wheel drive and powerful battery, the Model 3 is also suitable for long journeys and demanding routes. The many innovative functions make the electric car an ideal companion. The car's features include the automatic parking function and the large touchscreen display.

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Der Preis

The Tesla Model 3 is Tesla's first electric car intended for the general public. That means it should be affordable for average earners. At $35.000, it's significantly cheaper than the Model S and Model X. Still, the Model 3 isn't a cheap car. It has many modern features that are otherwise only found in more expensive cars.

Accessories for the Model 3

It's no secret that the Model 3 is a very impressive car. But what many people don't know is that Tesla also accessories sold. From roof racks to rim locks. On the official website, Tesla offers accessories of excellent quality. A charging station can also be ordered online. This is particularly useful if the car is to be charged at home.

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The equipment

The Model 3 is equipped with a number of features that make it one of the most innovative cars in its class. The equipment of the Tesla Model 3 is impressive: A large panoramic glass sunroof, a heated steering wheel and the LED headlights ensure a pleasant driving experience. The infotainment system is also top-notch: a large touchscreen provides access to all of the car's key functions, from navigation to music playback.

Tesla Supercharger

The Tesla Supercharger Network is a global network of fast charging stations built exclusively for Tesla vehicles. These fast charging stations make it possible to charge the Tesla Model 3 in the shortest possible time. The superchargers recharge a range of 120 kilometers in five minutes. That means the battery is fully charged after about six hours.


  • It is the first Tesla that is affordable for the masses and can therefore make a small contribution to reducing pollution. The Model 3 is also impressive on a technical level. A fast vehicle with excellent driving performance. The range and design are also impressive. In addition, there is the Tesla Supercharger Network, which was set up exclusively for Tesla vehicles.

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