Datsun is considered the oldest Japanese car brand and was launched in 1931. Originally the company was called Datson, but the word "son" means loss in Japanese. The name was changed to Datsun as early as 1932 in order to create a reference to the sun. Rose early Nissan into the company, only in the 1950er years the export from Asia was really driven. Nissan, in World War II with a bad reputation in Europe and the United States, thus succeeded in marketing their brand as Datsun overseas. A new worldwide strategy brought Datsun to 1984's end in Europe, to 1986 in Asia as well. Especially people with a passion for tuning Nissan vehicles are thrilled with Datsun. Since Nissan holds control of Datsun, the auto-tuning of the two factories is very similar. Datsun also offers a complete range of vehicles, from small cars to vans. In 2012 Nissan announced a relaunch of the brand and 2013 already provided the first images of the Datsun-Go.