H&R lift kit in the classic Unimog 404 S!

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HR Daimler Benz Unimog 404 S Tuning Header H&R lift kit in the classic Unimog 404 S!

The Chassis modifications Most people think of vehicles from the tuning, performance or racing sectors. This is mostly about Lowering or other changes aimed at improving road holding and driving behavior. But there are also cases where things go in the opposite direction. With off-roaders, it is rather bad if there is too little space between the floor pan and the road, so that vehicles tend to be placed higher here and thus the off-road mobility is improved.

a lift in the Unimog

A vehicle now served as the basis for such a conversion that most people immediately consider to be a typical representative of the almost iconic Unimog series of the Daimler Group, which has been built since the late XNUMXs. Specifically, it is a Unimog 1962 S model manufactured in 404which, with a circulation of around 60.000 copies between 1955 and 1980, is one of the largest series in the Unimog series. With the manufacture of the Unimog 404 S was breaking new ground at the time, because the first were originally developed for use in agriculture. The 404 S, on the other hand, was a bit smaller and found mainly as a fire engine and at Militär Use.

unusual engine in the Unimog

Anyone who knows a little about Unimogs could suspect that this specimen may have been a bit too short. Indeed, the chassis and wheelbase, and thus the overall length, became clear reduced. The short hood houses one 86 hp M180 in-line engine with six cylinders. A special feature is that it is a gasoline engine. This was used for the first time in a Unimog with the 404 S. The predecessors, on the other hand, were always equipped with diesel units. With its comparatively low output, the Unimog is of course not a vehicle that invites you to heat up on the motorway or the racetrack. On the other hand, relaxed exploratory trips in the field are all the more fun. Especially with this copy. Everything is a little different here.

HR lift kit Unimog 404 S 9 e1638457327157 H&R lift kit in the classic Unimog 404 S!

The full range including lifts and bigger tires!

The exclusive special conversion of the 404 S by the specialists from MR aimed primarily at a Höherlegung perform. To this end, new ones were made springs Made of high-strength spring steel, built into the all-terrain truck. Nevertheless, the vehicle actually looks even deeper than the original. But this is due to the huge wheels that were installed in the course of the conversion. In fact, it is around 30-40 mm higher.

This is a Michelin off-road tires the dimension 365/85 R20, which on 20 inch rims sit. The setup just makes the Unimog look huge. The also contributes to this Roll bar over the open, barred cot and the huge black one front bumper with the integrated winch at. The cabin is also in one Military gray painted.

HR lift kit Unimog 404 S 4 e1638457363689 H&R lift kit in the classic Unimog 404 S!

A folding roof makes it possible to enjoy driving fun off-road as an open-air experience and even in the event that a tire is damaged by terrain that is too difficult, provision is made. It's namely at the stern full spare wheel placed. However, it can be a challenge to get the spare wheel out of it without any help Costum bracket pull out and assemble. If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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H&R lift kit in the classic Unimog 404 S!
Photo credit: MR

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