Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 with components from the 3D printer!

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Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 Replica Tuning 3 Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 with components from the 3D printer!

As we know, that is Ford GT40 one of the most iconic American vehicles ever. Commissioned to compete against the then overpowering Ferraris, Ford actually won the 40-hour race from 289 to 8 with the GT24 with a 1966 cubic inch V1969. And at the last SEMA Auto Show, there was such a memorable classic to be seen. Namely from Ruffian Cars from Southern California. This is a tuner that consists of only one person, Chris Ashton. And nothing about his workshop is typical or normal. Chris is actually a software game developer, but in his free time, at night and on weekends, he creates masterpieces like this Widebody 1970s Ford Mustang "Ruffian". Other vehicles like a Mazda RX7 with widebody kit or a converted one C3 Corvette with sequential transmission and bi-turbo setup are also included.

 Ford GT40 Mark 1 from Ruffian Cars

Chris has been working on cars for 30 years and racing for 20 years. Every vehicle he completes gives him more experience and self-confidence, and every time he starts a new project, he increases the demands on himself. And currently his knowledge database is flowing into a beautiful one Ford GT40 Mark 1 replicawhich actually only requires a new engine and a transaxle installation (Front engine, gearbox on the driven rear axle, transaxle shaft) should receive.

But suddenly it turned into a crazy one Restomod projectthat conjures up new technology in the old shell. The result of Chris's efforts was presented at this year's SEMA show and could be seen at the Toyo Tires booth. As a rule, the most spectacular SEMA vehicles, like the one, are parked there every year Widebody BiTurbo LSX DeLorean DMC-12 or the M3 by Joshua Vides. Incidentally, the base vehicle for the conversion was a GT40 licensed vehicle von Superformance LLC. and not a real GT40 racing car from the 60s.

Superperformance GT40 as the basis

Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 Replica Tuning 10 Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 with components from the 3D printer!

Chirs even has practical experience with 3D printers to produce special components according to their own requirements. He gets a lot of help from Kasim Tlibekov, a freelance automotive designer who specializes in Wide body kits specialized, and the team of Competition carbon. The look of the Ruffian GT40 presents itself as a further development of the Ford racing legend with a completely revised one Body. You can see a Carbon body kit with thick side skirts, there was a special one Roof cap and even 3D printed headlights as well as flush-mounted Door handles are built in. There was also a two-part Aluminum rear spoiler, completely custom-made fender and a huge one front splitter. At the Lacquer dress put Chris on Toyota Cavalry Blue from 2020, that of South County Autobody was applied. The heart of the renovation is of course located under the sheet metal. In the form of one Ford Racing 52XS powerplant with stately 5,2 liter displacement.

two-part spoiler lip at the rear

Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 Replica Tuning 1 Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 with components from the 3D printer!

The engine performs brilliantly 580 PS and 445 Nm torque and has a 12: 1 compression ratio. The engine is coupled to a Quaife 5-speed dogleg transaxle transmission and the engine reports acoustically by means of specially made exhaust system to speak. And then there is that landing gear. Specifically, Chris combined an electronically assisted Rack and pinion steering from Flaming River with a Bilstein suspension and KW front lift kit and grease Signature THREE center lock rims. The latter are strung with Toyo Proxes R888R performance tires in the dimensions 295/30/18 at the front and 345/30/19 at the rear. Incidentally, the load is braked with a Wilwood brake system with mighty 6-piston brake calipers and 14 inch (about 36 cm) discs in front. And also at the rear axle Chris uses a system from Wilwood. If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Unique piece: 1966 Datsun Sports Fairlady Restomod!

1966 Datsun Sports Fairlady Restomod japanese classics Header 310x165 Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 with components from the 3D printer!

1982 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Trans Am racing car!

1982 Mercedes Benz SL Class Trans Am racing vehicle 2 310x165 Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 with components from the 3D printer!

Restomod 1949 Dodge Power Wagon with Suicide Doors!

1949 Dodge Power Wagon Suicide Doors Restomod 1 310x165 Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 with components from the 3D printer!

Ruffian Cars Ford GT40 with components from the 3D printer!
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