2021 VW Passat facelift (CN) in diabolical CDM style!

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While large and comparatively cheap limousines from established automobile manufacturers are threatened with extinction in Europe, they are currently experiencing a renaissance in China. Various model designations such as Escort, Cavalier or Monza are being revived for new limousines that are available in the Middle Kingdom, and are thus given the opportunity to once again establish themselves on the market. However, it never ceases to amaze us that the major automobile manufacturers only rely on limousines in the Middle Kingdom, and in Europe and the USA drive completely on the SUV track. The success of Tesla proves that you can be successful worldwide without classic SUVs. Today we want you one VW Passat in the facelift version for the Chinese market, which attracts everyone's attention with its dark and mystical appearance.

Mysterious VW with character!

Compared to the Passat series, you immediately notice the deep look that is created by a front spoiler as well as distinctive side skirts is even more pronounced in carbon optics. But not only these components, but also a powerful rear diffuser as well as great Trim behind the front wheels contribute to the Passat appearing dynamic. The vehicle then gets the typical CDM look through the obligatory Rump spoiler, which is pronounced in this case and has a scoop shape.

Of course, bright ones are allowed too LED headlights, which are kept in an icy blue, as well as blood-red LEDs, which are used as, among other things Unterbodenbeleuchtung serve, not lack. However, the red gives the Volkswagen a special visual kick Backlight of the all-black one Grills. It gives the impression that the devil incarnate lives under the hood and ensures astonished looks with its diabolical look. 19 inch turbine rims with a sporty Y-spoke look, silver finish and a red ring, which we are not sure if they come from Rotiform, round off the overall package and also bring some color to the sombre appearance of the limo.

Red and black also dominate the interior!

In order not only to look diabolical on the exterior, the tuning crew gave the big Wolfsburg red and black one Sports seats with leather/Alcantara cover and embroidered emblems. The door panels were also kept in the color combination and that Carbon sports steering wheel has red decorative stitching on the sides. carbon deposits and brushed Aluminium also found their way into the cockpit and refine the center console and dashboard. As a result, there is a very special spirit in the VW.

Three engine variants are available for the Passat.

The entry-level model is the 280TSI, a 1,4-liter turbo petrol engine with 150 hp and 250 Newton meters of maximum torque. There is also a two-liter TSI petrol engine in the portfolio, which is offered in two performance levels, either as 330TSI or as 380TSI, and a maximum of over 220 PS has. Unfortunately, we do not know which drive does its job in the vehicle we presented, but the car has one Seven-speed DSG and front wheel drive.

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Our verdict on this VW Passat:

A great project that, thanks to its coloring, reminds us a little of the mystical Mitsuoka Orochi that caused a sensation at the Tokyo Auto Salon a year ago! It also shows that creativity can get a lot out of a supposedly boring Passat! As always, we have included a photo gallery at the end of the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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2021 VW Passat facelift (CN) in diabolical CDM style with an exclusive interior!
Photo credit: autohome.com.cn

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