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Car trips in times of COVID-19: that still applies!

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MINI Camper Flotte Tuning Camping 19 Car trips in times of COVID 19: that still applies!

The corona pandemic continues to hold Germany under its spell and buzzwords such as Lockdown, curfew or emergency brake determine our everyday life. Nevertheless, there are many people who see themselves as a piece of normality and also think of traveling by car during these times. We have summarized the most important information regarding car trips during the current lockdown for you. Currently applies in Germany until the end of June 2021 the nationwide emergency brake to combat the corona pandemic. This also includes curfews between 22 p.m. in the evening and 5 a.m. in the morning in all independent cities and districts, which have a 7-day incidence of about 100 exhibit. The reason for the ongoing restrictions is the persistence of the high number of infections, which can be traced back to new and still contagious virus mutations.

initial easing gives hope

Of course, these restrictions also have an effect on private travel and thus on Road trips. But with the holidays like Ascension and Pentecost there are also some Easing walked along. Still should continue on not necessary Travel and visits are waived. Overnight stays for tourist purposes are also prohibited by law. This regulation does not only apply to hotels, but also to pensions, private rentals and Camping or mobile home spaces. However, overnight stays for professional or business reasons are still permitted.

Corona Covid federal lockdown car trips in times of COVID 19: that still applies!

Coastal countries lure vacationers with relaxation

In the meantime, however, the federal government's emergency brake seems to be having an effect, and in many regions the number of infections is partial declined sharply. Therefore, in some regions around Ascension Day and Pentecost, cautious easing has already been implemented. In Schleswig-Holstein, for example, there have been four model regions since May 9th. In these model regions, tourism is already possible again for private reasons. May 17th in Schleswig-Holstein then open hotels and restaurants across the country and receive vaccinated, tested or recovered guests.

Also in Lower Saxony The first easing came into force on May 10th. Since this date, all accommodation establishments have been able to receive guests again if they either have their primary or secondary residence in Lower Saxony. If the incidence values ​​continue to drop and fall below 50, then visitors from all other federal states will soon be able to stay in accommodation establishments in Lower Saxony.

Also in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern tentative easing has already been carried out. Day-trippers or people who have a second residence in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are welcome there again if they have either been fully vaccinated or have recovered for six months and have had their vaccination boosted. These relaxations also apply to minors who have not yet been vaccinated. However, all children over 6 years of age must have a negative rapid test. There should be further easing from June 7th. From then on, locals should be allowed to spend the night in accommodation establishments again. A week later guests are also supposed to go out all other federal states are allowed to stay overnight if they can be tested before entering the country.

Bavaria opens again to small border traffic

In Bavaria, too, the first easing can be seen and the small border traffic to Austria is possible again. Since May 12, people have been able to travel to the respective neighboring country for a stay of less than 24 hours for shopping or for visits without having to be in quarantine. Tourist overnight stays are to be allowed again from May 21, when the incidence values ​​remain stable below 100. Of these regulations, however, are people who come from virus variant areas, except.

border oesterreich border traffic corona Car trips in times of COVID 19: that still applies!

The strict rules are also being relaxed in Saxony, and vacations on campsites and in holiday apartments are now in regions with an incidence below 100 allowed again. In regions with an incidence below 50, overnight stays in hotels and pensions should also be possible again. In order to benefit from these relaxations, however, you must have a negative and updated daily test with you and have an active booking.

Also in Baden-Württemberg hotels and beer gardens are allowed to open their doors again this coming weekend. However, the prerequisite is that the respective region has an incidence below 100 and the guests have a negative test result from a rapid test.

Initial easing also in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia

In the state Rhineland-Palatinate Since May 12th, low-contact vacations have been allowed in regions with an incidence below 100. This means that overnight stays in holiday apartments or mobile homes with their own sanitary facilities, as well as in hotels that have rooms with a bathroom and breakfast service in the room, are permitted. As a prerequisite for entry, a negative test result must be presented, which must be renewed every 48 hours.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, too, since May 15, in regions with an incidence of less than 100, overnight stays in hotels, holiday apartments and campsites have again been possible for tested, recovered and vaccinated people. Under these conditions, the outdoor catering was also allowed to reopen.

Corona emergency brake curfew 2021 Car trips in times of COVID 19: that still applies!

With all the easing, however, that remains nationwide curfew active and people who start a tourist trip after 22 p.m. will face a penalty. This rule applies not only to staying in a particular place, but also to travel between two places. However, air travel for business reasons is excluded from this restriction. According to the Scientific Service of the Bundestag, people in affected districts can use any form of transport or public transport between 22 p.m. and 5 a.m. verboten.

In addition, strict contact restrictions still apply. Private meetings are limited to 5 participants from a maximum of 2 households, not including children under 14 years of age. The mask requirement when shopping and in public transport (surgical masks, KN95 or FFP2), as well as the home office regulations are still active.

Regulations at the border when entering from neighboring countries

With the adoption of a new entry regulation, however, the hurdles for a vacation in other European countries will be relaxed. Tested, vaccinated people who have recovered are allowed to enter Germany without having to be quarantined. However, the vaccination must have been carried out with a vaccine approved in the EU, such as BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson.

Covid 19 air flow Corona car interior window 2 Car trips in times of COVID 19: that still applies!

However, all persons entering from high-risk or mutation areas must continue to be in quarantine. However, you can test yourself out of quarantine with an antigen test that is up to 48 hours old or a PCR test that is up to 72 hours old. The list of risk areas within Europe published by the RKI currently only includes Armenia, Montenegro, Poland, Hungary and the Norwegian province of Vestfold og Telemark.

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