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Driving ban from 22 p.m. - the "Federal Emergency Brake"

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Mouthguard inside mirror Corona Auto 1 Driving ban from 22 p.m. the federal emergency brake

With respect to the Corona emergency brake (also called the law of confinement), those across the country from today applies, Federal President Steinmeier has now signed amendments to the Infection Protection Act after approval by the Federal Council and thus declared them to be effective. These apply to the defined emergency brake, which applies across Germany to a Incidence value of 100 lies. And the curfew contained therein also senselessly hits motorist.

decided on April 21.04.2021, XNUMX

The one decided on April 21.04.2021, XNUMX Corona emergency brake is effective now. Of the 592 MPs eligible to participate, over 57% voted for the changes in the Infection Protection Act and thus passed this on to implementation. In detail, this means for the residents that there are curfews from 22 p.m. to 5 a.m. take effect from an incidence of 100. Longer curfews can be carried out in individual cases by the respective federal states.

Lockdown Corona Auto Law No car driving from 22 p.m. on the federal emergency brake

Exceptions are possible here, however. Between 22 clock and 0.00 clock You are therefore allowed to be outside alone, however just for a walk or for individual sports. Individual sport means that you only alone Allowed to do sports. Examples of this are jogging, cycling or even taking a walk.

Driving is prohibited after 22 p.m.

Basically, this is only partially new information for many residents of Germany, as such rules already apply in some federal states. What is new, however, is that this Cars may no longer be moved after 22 p.m.unless you can provide a valid reason. And announcements of increased controls have already been made by politicians. Work trips or trips to the doctor but remain allowed, just like trips to people in need of care, to perceive Custody obligations or because of certain Emergencies.

adjust headlights to dim light. Car driving ban from 22 p.m. the federal emergency brake

Angela Merkel the "Basta Chancellor"

In principle, however, there are still many questions about how to enforce the law open. In theory, the driving ban applies also for cyclistswhich, however, is still between 22 p.m. and midnight being able to use physical activity as an individual sport as a reason. There are also unclear cases such as driving with the Taxiwhether driving a car even on the autobahn will be banned and how it will behave if Arriving or driving home be delayed. All of these answers and procedures will hopefully be delivered in the next few days. The law applies as long as the Bundestag declares an epidemic situation of national importance - "but no later than the end of June 30, 2021".

Police control mask Corona car ban from 22 p.m. the federal emergency brake

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Driving Corona mask 310x165 Driving ban from 22 p.m. the federal emergency brake

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Mouthguard Corona Auto Rules 310x165 No driving from 22 p.m. the federal emergency brake

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