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2024 Aprilia RS 457: A powerhouse in the A2 class!

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2024 Aprilia RS 457: A powerhouse in the A2 class!

The rumor mill has been churning for a long time, and Aprilia has finally revealed the secret: The Aprilia RS 457 was introduced, and you can say that it sets standards in the A2 class. Even before the official unveiling, the new Aprilia had kept the motorcycle community on its toes with some leaked images. But what distinguishes the RS 457 from other A2 machines? First of all, this Performance. It draws exactly the maximum allowed 35 kilowatts which is impressive in itself. But what's even more interesting, it achieves that at the same time Minimum permissible weight of 175 kilograms. Such a combination of power and weight is unique in the A2 class and puts other models in the shade.

2024 Aprilia RS 457

The Heart The machine, the engine, was completely redeveloped and is not a product from China, like some competitors. However, Aprilia remains mysterious as to the exact country of origin. The frame Made of aluminum is also a highlight. It is visually similar to the RS 660, but was developed specifically for the RS 457. The rear of the bike is made of steel, and the swingarm has a new design that looks like aluminum but is actually made of steel. As far as the chassis is concerned, the RS 457 has a USD fork and a central spring strut. The Tubes are mounted on 17-inch alloy wheels and come from TVS.

The brake comes from Bybre, a spin-off from Brembo. Especially that Dual channel ABS, which can be switched off at the rear wheel, will find many fans. And when it comes to electronics, Aprilia also makes a statement. With a 5 inch TFT display, LED lighting and Ride-by-wire the RS 457 is ideally equipped for modern times. There are also three different ones Driving modes and an adjustable one traction control. Visually you can choose between three different ones Color variations choose, although it is still unclear which of them will be available in Germany. The price is also still a well-kept secret.

Power, weight and advanced technology

In summary: The Aprilia RS 457 is an impressive piece of technology that could set new standards in the A2 class. With its combination of performance, weight and advanced technology, it should make many bikers' hearts beat faster. It remains to be seen how it performs in direct comparison with the competition, but one thing is certain: Aprilia has created a great bike here.

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2024 Aprilia RS 457: A powerhouse in the A2 class!

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2024 Aprilia RS 457: A powerhouse in the A2 class! 
2024 Aprilia RS 457: A powerhouse in the A2 class!
Photo credit: Aprilia - the tuning magazine

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