»MARATHON« fairing screen for the BMW R 1250 RT

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PM 40 DE Marathon windshield R 1250 RT 03 "MARATHON" windshield for the BMW R 1250 RT


The new BMW R 1250 RT is equipped with the most opulent of all RT panels. It goes without saying that you need a matching premium windshield with an integrated design. The windshield for the 2021 BMW R 1250 RT comes from the tried-and-tested MARATHON family, as should the BMW expert Wunderlich, and thus exhibits the familiar characteristics: It offers effective wind and weather protection at the highest level and guaranteed by its ergonomics as well as the pronounced long-distance comfort of relaxed and enjoyable driving. With its ingenious, generous contour as well as the specially integrated aerodynamically effective flaps, it ensures optimal relief of the head, upper body and shoulders from wind pressure.

"MARATHON" windshield

This is accompanied by a noticeable reduction in turbulence and suction - especially at high speed on the motorway. So the MARATHON record shows its full potential on long, but also on short stretches in every season of the year. It offers maximum protection for the driver and front passenger as a result of perfect ergonomics for all body sizes. The connoisseur recognizes the high-quality, Wunderlich-typical workmanship at first glance through the scratch-resistant, petrol and UV-resistant, 5 mm thick pane: clear view, without distorting optical errors that irritate. Another trademark: the hand-polished, all-round edge. This is the only way for the windshield to offer aerodynamic advantages and the reduction of wind noise, an undisturbed view ahead.

PM 40 DE Marathon windshield R 1250 RT 01 "MARATHON" windshield for the BMW R 1250 RT

The facts:

  • feature
    - Premium windshield at the highest level
    - Perfect and generous wind and weather protection when touring
    - Ergonomics and pronounced long-distance comfort for relaxed driving
    - Effective aerodynamics optimized in detail for maximum relief of the head, upper body and arms, noticeable reduction in suction
    - Prevents any muscle tension - especially on long journeys
    - Clear view, without distorting optical errors
    - Hand-polished edges offer a perfect view
    - Scratch resistant, UV and petrol resistant
    - Execution optionally in transparent or in smoke gray tinted
    - The pane integrates perfectly into the overall layout of the RT and emphasizes its lines
    - Simple assembly by replacing the standard washer
    - Scope of delivery: disc with necessary mounting kit
  • Specifications
    - Material - Very high quality, optically pure, heavy-duty, scratch-proof, UV and petrol-resistant PMMA plastic for an optimal view.
  • Dimensions
    - Width 868 mm (in the area of ​​the laterally arranged flaps)
    - height 709 mm
    - thickness 5 mm
  • Wonderful advantages
    - Whimsical product. Small series. Made by hand.
    - Whimsical design. Functional and integrated.
    - Made in Europe
    - With ABE
    - 60 days right of return -Testing without risk
    - 5 year guarantee
  • Der Preis
    - Wunderlich offers the MARATHON disc for 219,00€ at. It is available immediately.

PM 40 DE Marathon windshield R 1250 RT 01 "MARATHON" windshield for the BMW R 1250 RT

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»MARATHON« fairing screen for the BMW R 1250 RT
Photo credit: Wunderlich

PM 40 DE Marathon windshield R 1250 RT 03 "MARATHON" windshield for the BMW R 1250 RT

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