Wunderlich's jack-up handle for the BMW models F 900 R and XR

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Wunderlich jack-up handle BMW 2 Wunderlichs jack-up handle for the BMW models F 900 R and XR

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How was it? The right foot on the lever of the main stand, the right hand tries to get hold of the frame and then it's up to three! The handle that BMW used to be the only brand to put on and that was not there for anything other than jacking up, is unfortunately all too often missing today. This is also the case with the BMWs F 900 R and XR. Anyone who has to balance the machine on a sloping parking lot or fully loaded on the main stand will start to “pump”. It's because of the weight. Even more, it is because of this: there is no handle! "It does exist", announce the Wunderlich developers and refer to an extremely high-quality, extremely aesthetic part called the jack-up handle.

Jacking handle for the BMW

The principle of the jack-up handle developed by the BMW specialists from the Rhineland Innovation Park, located directly on the A61, has already proven itself on a large number of BMW motorcycles. With the precisely shaped, stable console and a finely turned handle, it becomes a helpful instrument. Therefore, at Wunderlich, there was no question of adapting it for the F 900 R and XR and offering it to customers.

Wunderlich jack-up handle BMW 3 Wunderlichs jack-up handle for the BMW models F 900 R and XR

The mounting point on the frame optimizes the lever ratio. And it optimizes ergonomics. This arrangement is not only helpful when the machine is fully loaded. The handle is firmly mounted on the left of the frame with the help of a solid, precisely fitting console. An additional anti-twist device, which is linked to the spring strut adjuster PA (preload adjuster), ensures a stable fit. When folded out, the machine is noticeably easier and, above all, safer to set up on the main stand. This is due to the fact that the non-slip handle lies comfortably in the hand and you can transfer significantly more force with it than on frame tubes that are difficult to grip or are not accessible through luggage.

made of aluminum

After jacking up, the handle disappears inconspicuously in its rest position. He does this with a precise “click”. A mechanism ensures that the handle is securely locked in the folded position. The functional jack-up handle, made of high quality aluminum, is integrated discreetly into the line of the F 900 R and XR. Wunderlich offers the helpful jack-up handle for € 139,90. Including a 5 year guarantee! Wunderlich offers the jack-up handle for a large number of BMW models, so that the drivers of these model series can also convince themselves of its advantages.

At a glance:

  • Item:
    26202-002 - Jack handle, foldable - black for the BMW F 900 R and XR
  • feature
    • Ergonomic
    • Optimized leverage ratio
    • Better power transmission
    • Noticeably easier and, above all, safer positioning of the motorcycle on the main stand
    • Corrugated, non-slip handle
    • Quick folding and unfolding
    • Inconspicuous locking of the handle in the rest position
    • Functional Wunderlich design
    • Easy attachment
  • Specifications
    • Aluminum, high quality and precisely processed on CNC machines, black anodized
  • Features
    • Wunderlich premium product. Small series. Made by hand.
    • Whimsical. Functional integrated design.
    • 60 days right of return
    •Made in Germany
    • 5 years warranty

Wunderlich jack-up handle BMW 4 Wunderlichs jack-up handle for the BMW models F 900 R and XR

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