Thursday April 15, 2021

Chip Tuning! Advantages hunted by disadvantages!

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Often you can see on Ebay already from 50 € upwards various tuning boxes or chiptuning offers! But what about the products? What do you bring and where are the risks for my car, or even for me? We would like to give you a few advantages and disadvantages that you should pay attention to when chiptuning

chiptuning side chiptuning! Advantages hunted by disadvantages!


  • especially modern turbo diesel engines can be powerfully tuned (25% and more)
  • more torque
  • more horsepower
  • often more V-Max
  • with the same driving style low consumption


  • Reserves of the engine, clutch and transmission, which are planned by the manufacturers, are exhausted
  • It is particularly critical when the tuner exceeds the reserves
  • Injection nozzles or turbochargers are exposed to extreme loads
  • often strong soot formation
  • higher exhaust back pressure
  • Drive shafts are heavily loaded
  • with OBD Tuning the fun can be over after the next inspection (new software replaces the tuning software)
  • TÜV entry partly difficult

PowerBox tuningblog 1 Chiptuning! Advantages hunted by disadvantages!

Under no circumstances is this article intended to talk you out of increasing the performance of your own car, but you should carefully consider “who” you are letting your car use. Before buying, it is always advisable to look for experiences of other buyers in forums, blogs etc. A guarantee on the engine and the loaded accessories is a big plus point. Before / after performance measurement on a neutral test bench is recommended.

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go chip tuning! Advantages chased by disadvantages!

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