New Bosch Motorsport MS4.0 ECU software system for the BMW E46 M3

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News from the manufacturer Bosch Motorsport and Turner Motorsport, the latest creation that the two companies present to us is a plug & play Bosch engine control unit for the BMW M3 E46 for tuning the engine. We have summarized what we know for you below.

ECU E46M3 BOSCH MS40 Bosch Motorsport 1 New Bosch Motorsport MS4.0 ECU Software System for the BMW E46 M3


(Photos: Turner Motorsport)

These are the data we know about the Bosch Motorsport MS4.0 ECU system:

  • Plug-and-Play
  • ECU system for BMW E46 M3
  • Bosch engine control unit
  • immediate extra power and reliability
  • instant torque gain
  • full access and control of the engine mapping
  • no disturbances
  • Connect to existing wiring and sensors including the instrument cluster
  • Interface Box
  • Drive-by-wire
  • Cooling and oil systems
  • ABS and much more
  • LSU4.9 broadband lambda probes
  • etc.

As soon as we receive further information, new pictures or videos we will put them online and inform you.

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