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Summer time - solar plexus sun and privacy

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⚠ Update from 10.03.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX - CLICK ⬇

It is finally summer. After a week or so we proudly opened our Opel Corsa summer tires It was our goal to bring the summer to us by force. Who would have thought, but exactly that worked immediately and we were able to enjoy around 2 degrees in the last 3-20 days, and in the sun well above it. Our first photo story of the year took place at the Cartastica WORMS meeting on April 10.04.2016th, XNUMX and on the way there I noticed that the sun had already skyrocketed the temperatures in our Corsa.

opel corsa pin stripe 1 Summer Time Solarplexius Suns and privacy

It was even worse at the end of the day when our Corsa was already showing more than 6 degrees in the interior after a good 30 hours in the blazing sun - and that with a white car! Reason enough to start looking for a window tint film. During our search we came across the offer from Solarplexius which is supposed to be an interesting alternative to window film. We found out about the sun and privacy screens from Solarplexius on the website of the same name and decided to prefer the product to the classic window film.

Summer time Solarplexius Sunscreens Sight protection Experiences Voucher Discount Test Summer time Solarplexius Suns and blinds

In recent years we have tinted the windows of some vehicles ourselves or have had them tinted. While you might get rid of 500 € and more with a station wagon and a tint by a professional company, the costs on your own are significantly lower with a high-quality film and a good 200 € budget. Disadvantage of all? You only have one chance and small dust inclusions, air bubbles or even creases are usually unavoidable, at least for laypeople. On the other hand, the great advantage of Solarplexius is that you can install the system yourself in a few minutes and without great effort and, if you wish, remove it just as quickly, for example in the winter months. In contrast to the sensitive film, the material is robust and break-proof and can therefore be easily bent during assembly. You don't need water or glue and you will definitely not get any bubbles or scratches in the end, but rather have a perfect result in a few minutes.

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Incidentally, the system manages to reduce solar radiation (UVA and UVB protection) by more than 90%, but we don't want to reduce the benefit to this fact only because there are a number of other reasons to use the system. For example, anyone traveling with their four-legged friend will hardly be able to keep the sun out of the trunk even with the air conditioning activated, and the best air conditioning system is also useless if the sun permanently blinds the passengers in the back seat. This is exactly where the system helps, by absorbing the sun's rays. If you consider that the view from the outside to the inside is almost impossible, then it becomes clear that the sun and privacy protection also help against thieves because very few people break into a car on suspicion.

We have ordered the Solarplexius system for our Corsa and will of course, as usual, provide you with a report on the assembly and our impressions in the next few weeks. In addition, we have two very special highlights for you.

Solarplexius discount voucher Note Summer time Solarplexius Suns and privacy

On the one hand, you can enter the code - Beethoven10 - up to and including 15.05.2016, purchase the Solarplexius system with a 10% discount (voucher) and on the other hand we will be over in the next few days Facebook Give away two complete sets to you by means of a competition.

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Certainly reason enough for you to keep an eye on the Facebook timeline from or optionally to place a discounted order directly in the Solarplexius online shop. We hope we have already been able to bring the theory closer to you and look forward to the practical implementation and our test. As usual, we summarize the most important facts for you below.

Summertime Solarplexius Sunscreens Privacy Protection Coupon Discount Test 5 Summertime Solarplexius Suns and Privacy

These are the details:

  • quick and easy installation and removal
  • keeps out sunlight
  • lowers the burglary risk considerably
  • more safety when driving in the dark (you are not blinded by the headlights in the rearview mirror)
  • Rear view does not deteriorate
  • optical enhancement
  • absorbs 90% of sunlight
  • Vehicle heats up much slower
  • With TÜV and ABG no demonstration required
  • Solar plexus panes are only available in one color, which is deep black from the outside (it is no longer possible to look inside the vehicle,
    from the inside dark brown for a good look similar to the effect of sunglasses)
  • Production of the solar plexius disks takes place in Sweden instead of (Delivery may therefore take 2-3 days)

When you click on the following picture, you will be taken directly to the Solarplexius YouTube channel, which currently shows around 40 vehicles installing the system.

Solarplexius Youtube channel Videos Summertime Solarplexius Suns and privacy

⚠ we have again 10% Discount for you ⚠

SOLA ad Facebook v10 new Summer time Solarplexius Suns and privacy

After the extremely successful campaign last year, we managed to get a voucher for you again in cooperation with SOLARPLEXIUS. You only need the voucher code SOL10 When you place your order on you will receive a whopping 10% discount up to the 26.03.2017. The absolute highlight, however, is our raffle, which starts today and ends in 20.3.2017 running. HERE go straight to the competition! We are giving away Every day 2 sets for your vehicle ... YES you heard that right, 2 SETs EVERY DAY 😱😎! And so that you can visualize once again how easy it is to install the solar plexius discs, the company has published a new video that shows the whole thing on the current one F shows.

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