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Which spark plug connector do I need? We know it!

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Which spark plug connector do I need? We know it!

When it comes to vehicle maintenance and performance, play spark plug a crucial role. The small but important components ensure an efficient transfer of electrical energy from the ignition coil to the spark plug. Selecting the correct spark plug cap is therefore essential to ensure optimal engine performance and reliability. spark plug, sometimes also as ignition cable known, must be specifically tailored to the type and model of the vehicle. Choosing the wrong plug can even lead to Engine damage, high Consumption and ultimately to higher ones expenditure lead. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different types and characteristics of spark plug caps.

Which spark plug cap?

First, spark plug caps vary in their resistance. Modern vehicles often require low resistance connectors to ensure optimal performance and emissions control. In addition, spark plug connectors differ Shape and material properties. Silicone is a commonly used material because it offers high heat resistance and durability. The Compatibility with your vehicle is the be-all and end-all when choosing the right spark plug connector. Check the manual or contact a professional to find out the specific requirements of the engine.

Which spark plug connector do I need? We know it!

Some vehicles require plugs with special properties, such as integrated resistors or special ones connection types. Another important aspect is that Quality of the spark plug connector. Brands like NGK, Bosch and Denso are known for their high quality products that ensure long life and reliable performance. It may be tempting to spark plug caps to save money, but inferior products can cause more damage than they save money. Finally, that also plays Maintenance the spark plug cap plays a role. Even the best spark plug cap can lose its function if it is dirty or damaged.

If necessary, replace the plug

A regular Review and if necessary the exchange can help maintain engine health and avoid expensive repairs. In summary is choosing the right one spark plug connector a critical step in maximizing vehicle performance and efficiency. By considering compatibility, quality and maintenance, you can ensure the engine runs smoothly and reliably. Take the time to find the right spark plug cap and your vehicle will thank you.

And for the moped?

Product Features Details
Description Water-protected, 90° angled plug connectors, ideal for classic cars
Compatibility Universal for classic cars with 14 spark plugs, e.g. Simson, MZ, Trabant, Wartburg, IFA F8
Resistance Available in 1K-Ohm or 5K-Ohm versions
Recommended use 5 K-Ohm for standard, 1 K-Ohm for vehicles with vape or Powerdynamo ignitions
Material Metal design with rubber sleeve for protection against rain and dirt
Brand SIMSON, replica of PLITZ
Article numbers
  • Simson item number: 391170
  • Brand item number: 4752
  • MZA item number: 10321
Suggestions When restoring mopeds/cars, replace spark plugs and plug connectors with ignition cables
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Which spark plug connector do I need? We know it!

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Which spark plug connector do I need? We know it!
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