Antireflective coating / anti-reflective coating possible?

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Anti-reflective coating, anti-reflective coating for car windows Windshield mirror Anti-reflective coating / anti-reflective coating possible?

Certainly very few worry about whether there is a possibility to close the car windows anti-reflective. But the approach is not entirely unjustified. If you have an older vehicle that has no anti-reflective windshield it may be almost impossible to get one bright dashboard to be retrofitted or to have the old chic cover. Because such a brightly covered dashboard reflected in the windshield is extreme compared to a black variant. Especially during the day and in sunshine, this is not only annoying, but sometimes also a pain real danger. After all, the road traffic conditions can only be made more difficult or no longer perceptible at all. But there is currently no legal way to obtain a Antireflection coating for anti-reflective coating, to be applied to the windshield.

currently standard

If anything, then such a special windshield must be direct by the manufacturer to be delivered. Modern vehicles usually have such anti-reflective windshields. There is also the possibility in industry, for example window glass after manufacture edit accordingly. This will then steamed or in corresponding Immersion baths treated. There are special ones here metal oxides applied, the composition of which has an anti-reflective effect.

Anti-reflective coating, anti-reflective coating for car windows Windshield mirror 1 Anti-reflective coating / anti-reflective coating for car windows possible?

In most cases, however, the glass surfaces are much more sensitive to touch afterwards. And the methods are too should not can be implemented for home use. There is also the possibility to Nano anti-reflective coating. This can be applied retrospectively, for use on weathered surfaces, i.e. outdoors, and this method is also used in vehicles not suitable or even approved. The same applies to foils. There are always special foils for anti-reflective coating on the car windows. But here is the Limited color fastness so that a Registration and legal use is excluded.

Safety film / splinter protection film

An alternative possibility would be a so-called Safety film / splinter protection film to raise. There may even be the possibility of this slide to be allowed to use legally. Whether and to what extent a security film still lets through enough light, however, should absolutely previously clarified with the manufacturer of the film and a corresponding testing organization.

Anti-reflective anti-reflective coating / anti-reflective anti-reflective coating possible?

As a rule, the attachment of the security film is at most on the front side windows and only allowed in connection with a certified assembly and subsequent acceptance. Were the discs checked by an expert TLG light meter Declared admissible in the area of ​​the StVZO, then the film allowed. However, such a possibility in the area of ​​the windshield is very likely not to exist. However, if the security film can still be applied, it will at best ensure that the front pane is automatically anti-reflective. However, there is no guarantee that it will work.

the opposite is possible without any problems

It looks a lot easier with an anti-reflective pane should reflect again. At least if it is only a small partition on the disk. This is necessary for retrofitting a head-up display, for example. A foil a few centimeters in size is often supplied with the on the windshield is glued. The head-up display is then reflected in this area. However, this variant is often verboten. Why? Because:

  • the film hangs in the driver's field of vision
  • the film can cause stray light at night
  • Reflections from the speed camera can make the driver unrecognizable

Retrofitting a head-up display. Tuning anti-reflective coating / anti-reflective coating possible?

With the foil erlischt So in the worst case, the vehicle's operating license. And if you have an accident, it can also cause problems. More information is available in our article "Nice gimmick - Head-up displays for retrofitting".

Intermediate solution: polar glasses

A simple interim solution that is uncomplicated and inexpensive is polarized sunglasses that are lightly tinted. This filters out the reflected light a little. The view becomes clearer again. Such glasses are available from 10 euros. Of course, you can also buy polarized glasses. They are available from the optician, and there they even have the correct prescription.

Polar glasses with anti-reflective coating / anti-reflective coating possible?

Conclusion - not a legal option

In summary, it can be said that it is current not a legal option gives a non-anti-glare windscreen to anti-glare Also specially designed security films such as the SECURLUX from Foliatec are allowed should not can be applied to the windshield. And that, although this slide has been shown to have one burglary protection delivers, sometimes even falling objects fends off (Stone throwers on the highway, etc.) and of course also protects against flying splinters in the event of an accident. This slide can save lives but the EU bans them.

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Anti-reflective anti-reflective coating / anti-reflective coating possible?

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