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Intelligent Bluetooth wheel bolts against wheel theft!

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Wheelguard Bluetooth wheel bolts 1 Intelligent Bluetooth wheel bolts against wheel theft!

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Here comes the invention intelligent wheel bolts for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and trailers! And in principle, safeguards on stables, rotor blades or wind turbines are also conceivable. But let's stay with the vehicle. As early as 2018/2019 there were first reports on the novelty, which is intended to prevent accidents and thefts effectively and inexpensively. The concept is called Wheelguard, is from the tinkerer Jörg Blin invented, patented and completely up-to-date Kickstarter to find. The campaign is still there 27 days active. And what can the system do? The invention makes sense so that the immense cost damage in the millions for insurance companies, primarily through theft of wheelsets, can be avoided. But also around To prevent accidents, the system is perfect. The idea comes from a personal experience of the inventor.

the theft is displayed virtually live

Tire theft Wheel theft Wheelquard wheel bolts Intelligent Bluetooth wheel bolts against wheel theft!

When a wheel bolt on the front wheel came loose while driving a car, the inventor got the idea. Despite the ultra-modern vehicles these days, the loosening of wheels is becoming not automatically recognized - Blin saw this as a problem. Together with a friend, the engineer Felix Rennies, he then developed the system that turned out to be Wheelguard is called. It should detect when a screw is loosened, be it due to an attempted theft or simply while driving. The screw connection concerned then sends in real time via bluetooth a message to the smartphone with the installed Wheelquard app of the owner or to the management of a vehicle fleet. This makes it possible to discover a theft not only when it is too late, but rather during the crime or even while driving.

The function of the wheelguards!

The system works as follows: A Bluetooth transmitter with a battery that, according to Wheelguard lasts over 8 years, is located in the head the wheel bolt and if the nut is loosened, an alarm signal is sent to the vehicle owner's mobile phone or to a receiver box located in the car. Whether the warning signal can also appear on the display in the cockpit depends on negotiations with various car dealers, which Blin had some time ago, as well as those with various tire manufacturers. Result? Unknown, but at this point it doesn't matter!

By the way, the distance between the vehicle owner and the car does not matter, as the OBDII dongle supplied acts as a GPS gateway with SIM card is working. As a result, the signal always reaches the owner's cell phone. In the event of theft, the police can be called quickly - this is particularly useful for car rental companies who want to secure a number of cars. According to Blin, it is sufficient to fit one wheelguard per wheel, i.e. four pieces per car, when it comes to the subject Theft goes. But when it comes to the Accident factor, you need a wheel bolt with a sensor for the safety of a vehicle. So 16 or 20 pieces!

By the way, there was already someone interested in the system at that time. That was the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior. This wanted to secure their patrol cars with it. And at that time Jörg Blin also planned to be able to sell his wheelguards through workshops and specialist dealers. He now hopes to find supportive partners who will boost and grow his business. We hope that this plan will succeed, because we are convinced of the idea!

Explanatory video theft protection

Explanatory video accident prevention

Explanatory video fleet management

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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