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Cardboard box in the car: The simple winter trick for a clear view!

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Cardboard box in the car: The simple winter trick for a clear view!

Winter brings not only cold and snow, but also challenges, especially the unpleasant ones Window scratching. An unconventional but effective method to avoid frozen wiper blades is the use of a simple piece of cardboard. Wiper blades, essential for visibility in winter, require regular care. However, in freezing temperatures they tend to stick to the windshield to freeze, which is not only tedious, but also carries the risk of damaging the rubber lips when operating the wiper. This is where the cardboard trick comes into play.

Always a box in the car?

Cardboard box in the car: The simple winter trick for a clear view!

A small piece of cardboard, for example from packaging, can be clamped between the wiper blade and the windshield to prevent freezing. This simple hack recommended by Auto Club Europe, "can“Save the annoying scratching in the morning. However, the method also has its pitfalls. At wet conditions The cardboard can absorb the water and freeze itself. In the worst case, this can lead to damage to the wipers, especially if the vehicle is stationary for a long time. Therefore, the cardboard method is more of a Stopgap and not always ideally suited.

Alternatively, a car wash cover!

For those who are not in one disc cover want to invest are also available Car wash overcoat for the wiper blades as an alternative solution. Or even easier: fold the wipers away from the glass if possible (Keyword: service position). This method is particularly effective and prevents freezing without additional effort. In summary, keeping that little piece of cardboard in your car is an easy and inexpensive way to make winter a little less stressful. However, remember to avoid it in wet weather and resort to other methods instead.

Ways to protect the wipers:

  1. Special windshield wiper covers: Use of special covers made of durable, water-repellent material that are pulled over the wiper blades.
  2. Antifreeze in the washer water: Use of antifreeze in the washer fluid to prevent the wiper blades from freezing.
  3. Silicone coated wiper blades: Use of special wiper blades with a silicone coating that are less prone to ice formation.
  4. Preheating the windshield: Use of remote start systems or programmable heaters to preheat the vehicle and prevent ice build-up.
  5. Regular cleaning of the wiper blades: Regularly remove dirt and ice residue from the wiper blades to maintain their functionality.
  6. Use garage parking space: Keep the vehicle overnight in a garage to protect it from frost and snowfall.
  7. Treat wiper rubbers with glycerin: Treating the wiper rubbers with glycerin or special care products to keep them supple and prevent them from freezing.
  8. Use automatic window heating: On vehicles with automatic window heating, use this function to prevent ice formation.
  9. Replace wiper blades regularly: Regular replacement of wiper blades to ensure they are in good condition and less vulnerable to the elements.
  10. Protective sprays for wiper blades: Use of special protective sprays that are applied to the wiper blades and reduce the adhesion of ice.
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Cardboard box in the car: The simple winter trick for a clear view! 

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Cardboard box in the car: The simple winter trick for a clear view!
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