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From cartoon to reality - the cartoon car conversion!

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cartoon car comic auto hot wheels tuning from cartoon to cartoon car conversion!

Autotuning Works like the famous Surf Seeker VW Microbus, which turn a normal vehicle model into a cartoon comic car, are extremely complex. Globally, however, there are quite a few designers who are dedicated to this task. Afterwards, the cars actually look like they are often depicted in comics. Templates, such as the well-known film Cars, give a good impression of what is possible. The conversions would of course also have to be completely approved by the TÜV if they are to be used in road traffic in this country. All changes to the vehicles should therefore be entered in the papers. After all, the cars should correspond to the roadworthy state.

How does the cartoon change come about?

First, drafts are drawn so that the end result is recorded on paper or on a PC. At least when the ultimate template is not supposed to be taken directly from a comic and maybe already exists in detail. Then work on the car begins. Because all work does not only have to take place outdoors. The interior of the car should also fit the cartoon style and often the complex changes on the outside make it necessary to adapt the cabin accordingly. For the conversion, professionals plan a conversion period of a few months or even years. After all, the entire car has to be constructed differently in many areas so that it becomes a comic car.

How are the conversions carried out in detail?

cartoon car comic auto hot wheels tuning 2 from cartoon to cartoon car conversion!

The aim of the conversions is to achieve a comic look in the vehicle design. To this end, the design must also have optically playful elements. Strange windows, crazy headlights, funny radiator grilles, etc. The original body of the base model is used for this. In addition to the changes to the shell, for example, a shorter or longer wheelbase is added to achieve the interesting cartoon look of the vehicle. The cartoon vehicles are almost always "smaller" than the series. And that also applies to the cabin. The interior fittings are often made of wood, which is easier, especially if it doesn't work the first time. And in the interior a suitable upholstery should also be attached. This should adapt to the comic theme and is usually carried out separately by specialists. On the outside, some areas can be chrome-plated to get the "bling-bling" effect of a drawn car. This work should definitely be done by specialists if it is to be good. Furthermore, a suitable paintwork must be carried out on the outside. Here you should then fall back on particularly bright colors with different combinations. Because a comic vehicle is almost always colorful and cheerful.

the cartoon car conversion as an eye-catcher

cartoon car comic auto hot wheels tuning 3 from cartoon to cartoon car conversion!

For the headlights, particularly friendly shapes can be chosen as the focal point, which may even make the front look like a face. Various versions are presented at special trade and tuning fairs. Interested parties can also get inspiration from models that have already been completed. The assistance at the trade fairs is enormous, since suitable tuning parts for common vehicle models, for example from VW, can be obtained here. In addition, numerous providers can be found centrally in one place. At the end... A vehicle tuning to a cartoon car is basically possible. The individual work steps are extremely complex and can take months or years. We prefer not to talk about the financial aspect here! If a cartoon car is well made, almost every component is a one-off piece and made in long manual work. After all, a vehicle is almost completely rebuilt outdoors and indoors. The costs can therefore not really be recorded as a lump sum. As a hobby conversion, a cartoon car is a very nice, visually appealing and rare variant. The implementation is almost impossible for a layperson.

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