Wednesday May 12, 2021

Daytime running lights and what you have to pay attention to!

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For several years they have been the retrofit product par excellence, daytime running lights! Every day, consciously or unconsciously, you see cars that have been retrofitted with daytime running lights. Fortunately, the partly visually very questionable conversions are less and less illegal, but more and more often have an e-approval. We would like to give you a few key points that you should pay attention to if you want to retrofit daytime running lights on your car.

LED daytime running lights 1 daytime running lights and what you have to consider!

  • E-mark should be present
  • the daytime running lights may NOT work with the parking or position light
  • When the main light (and the parking light) is switched on, the daytime running lights must optimally go out
  • Additional approval as a position light for the parking light is also possible (when switching to the driving light, the DRL is automatically dimmed)
  • Daytime running lights must not be installed too low
  • Minimum distance 15 centimeters above the road
  • Parking lights must shine ten centimeters higher
  • Maximum distance from the side outlines of the vehicle 40 centimeters
  • Daytime running lights must work (if not uninstall)

 PS. We have a little guide on how to retrofit daytime running lights in our article "Retrofitting daytime running lights on the car" put together for you.

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