Wednesday 2nd December 2020

AFTER the ride - The Jerry Can Bar for the busy end of work

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The Jerry Can Bar AFTER the ride The Jerry Can Bar for the high end of the day


We just had to look at it! At some point, somehow and somewhere, we have in the endless expanses of the World Wide Web "The Jerry Can Bar" discovered and it was immediately clear - we have to have that! We ordered and waited patiently. Now it is here! Thought as "the best gift for the man"We gave ourselves it and now call a"The Jerry Can Bar“Our own. But what is actually in the original canister with minibar? It's not fuel, at least none for the car. 😉 The former full-fledged petrol can can accommodate a whiskey bottle, two glasses and a lot of other great and useful things for the upscale "theoretical“Tuning evening for two! But not only the vehicle tuners should be surprised.

The Jerry Can Bar 1 AFTER driving the Jerry Can Bar for the high end of the day"The Jerry Can Bar“Is also an original gift for the hunter, the angler and every real guy. Specifically, our canister comes with a hip flask, a cigarette case, a classy pourer, a bottle stopper, a practical corkscrew, a high-quality lighter, two stylish glasses and two Coca-Cola cans. With your favorite whiskey (alternatively bourbon, liqueur etc.) and the "Fat Lady" you have to take care of yourself. There is space for the bottle between the Coke cans. The cigars, on the other hand, are kept in the door, where the lighter also finds its place. From the outside, the layman will probably not see any difference to a normal petrol can. Because it is painted in classic army green (olive green) and also has all the usual embossing, such as the 20 l note. It's classy inside. It is lined with dark beech wood to the millimeter and is evenly lined and looks very appealing.

our copy with “winter punch” 😉

The possibilities of the bar allow you to store and securely attach everything you need for a relaxed experience with friends. For everyone else there is a lock that keeps the content secret. If you look at the processing, it immediately becomes clear that the portable bar is made exclusively by hand. Everything looks super high quality and sits bombproof, which in our opinion justifies the price of 146 € including unproblematic shipping. And since everyone brings their very own wishes to the product, it comes as no surprise that it “The Jerry Can Bar“In three different versions. We have the "Spirit of the Real Man“Ordered a variant that stands for the real man who knows how to enjoy life. There is also the "Passion to Hunt"Edition as a gift for the real and ambitious hunter as well as the"Power of silence“Variant that should appeal to the avid angler.

thejerrycanbar writes on his homepage: The man's life is perfect when he has friends and finds love. The rest are just details.

buy now buy now button 1 AFTER the drive The Jerry Can Bar for the high end

We see that as well! And it is these details that come with the The Jerry Can in a 20l canister. Thought through to the smallest detail, meticulous selection of materials, best quality and useful content will give you a lot of pleasure. Uses The Jerry Can Bar for great moments with friends and tell someone that you like him.

Aneta's instructions for "packing & unpacking"

cb no thumbnail AFTER the trip The Jerry Can Bar for the sophisticated evening

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