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The in-line manual transmission from Mutante or Vendo

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Interconnection protection Liberty Gear manual control 3 The In Line manual control from Mutante or Vendo

Have you ever heard of a mutant or Vendo shifting gate? The shifting gates of the manufacturers are largely unknown in Germany. In the case of the Mutante transmission, one also speaks of an in-line shift or in-line mutant. The shifting gates from Mutante and Vendo come from South America and are used, for example, for VW, Audi and Opel car models. Similar shifting gears are known in the USA, which are used, for example, in dragster races.

In-line shifting gates from South America

The shift gates from Vendo and Mutante are produced in South America and, as already mentioned, can be bought for VW, Audi and Opel vehicle models, for example. The shift gate can only be switched "in-line". This means that the driver can only shift into the next higher gear or the next lower gear. It is not possible to skip gears or accidentally shift into the wrong gear. On the one hand, this is gentle on the gearbox and, on the other hand, enables fast gear changes without further thought. The driver can hardly do anything wrong and can shift gears faster than with other manual shift variants.

Shift gate from Vendo and Mutante - where are similar circuits used?

Interconnection protection Liberty Gear manual transmission protection The In Line manual transmission from Mutante or Vendo

Similar gear shifts, such as those from Vendo and Mutante from South America, are used in drag races in the USA. The term connection protection is used in this context. The gears can only be shifted up and down in order. There is also talk of a sequential gearbox. You can only change to the next sequence, i.e. the next gear. No gear can be skipped with it. Sequential transmissions are also known in Germany. These can be found, for example, in motorcycles as well as in Smart Fortwo and other vehicles.

Sequential transmissions - which ones were there in the past?

In the past, bevel gear drives and pull wedge drives were widespread. Gearshift claws, such as those used in today's transmission variants, did not have these transmissions. Wedge and bevel gear transmissions were previously used, for example, in small motorcycles and mockicks by the well-known manufacturer Zündapp. A sequential gearbox was also found in the Goggomobil. The Goggomobil used the Selectromat selection gearbox, which was actuated electromagnetically.

Vendo and mutant shift gates - suitable for tuning?

In this country, mutant and vendo shift gates are hardly known. Sequential transmissions, in which the driver cannot switch, but only has to switch "in-line", are still known from drag racing and tuning and are used, for example, at car shows. The advantages lie in the fast, harmless switching mode. The driver doesn't have to think too hard about operating the lever, but instead accelerates and always shifts the gears up or down in the correct sequence. At the end... Gear shifts from Vendo and Mutante are mainly manufactured in South America and are used in Opel, VW or Audi models. Similar circuits with circuit protection from the field of drag racing are known. Sequential circuits are also used in this country (Smart Fortwo). The conversion is complex and correspondingly expensive. Basically possible.

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Interconnection protection Liberty Gear manual transmission protection The In Line manual transmission from Mutante or Vendo

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Connection protection Liberty Gear manual protection 310x165 The In Line manual control from Mutante or Vendo

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Dancing Bed Rack Dancing Tuning 310x165 The In Line manual control from Mutante or Vendo

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