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Manual transmission: you should definitely avoid that!

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The clutch and that Manual transmission disturb when starting? There are five things you should definitely do with manual gearshifts avoided will. Otherwise the gear unit can be damaged! While in this day and age electronic Automatic and direct shift transmissions are on the advance, the manual transmission is still another direct connection between driver and mechanics. Automatic transmissions offer comfortable sailing, but manual transmissions are for many best and purest form of driving. But caution is advised as too much leakage can destroy the clutch. Because with the hand switch there are some basic rules to be followed. Following 5 common habits that shouldn't be done with a manual transmission.

1. Do not leave your foot on the clutch pedal!

If you keep your foot on the clutch pedal, slip is the order of the day. Between the clutch disc (gearbox) and the flywheel (engine) is the Frictional connection not happened yet. As a result, the material on the clutch disc and the release bearing will be rubbed off Takes damage. The camp can should not come into its rest position because the coupling forces act on the component. The task of the release bearing explains: Simply put, it's responsible for disconnecting the clutch from the flywheel.

foot on clutch manual gear shift error manual gearbox: you should definitely avoid this!

2. Do not accelerate when the speed is in the basement!

Accelerating at low speed - for example in fifth gear at 50 km / h - Although it does not damage the clutch, it does so all the more for the engine. If the accelerator pedal is depressed at low speed in high gear, the pressure on the entire drive train increases suddenly. A bicycle can be compared to this: if you want to start off in high gear, you can quickly see the opposing forces you have to work against. It's similar with the car.

3. Do not let the clutch slip in order to stop on an incline!

Mechanically speaking, "let it slide“That the two clutch disks rub against each other with too little adhesion. The release bearing ensures that the discs do not touch down completely. So “letting it grind” wears out the linings much faster. The clutch plates are only for short and designed to avoid unnecessarily long switching operations and high static friction. That's why they should Brake or handbrake can be used to stop and stand as they are made for that. If possible should then even the Neutral be inserted.

let the clutch slip manual gearshift error manual gearbox: you should definitely avoid this!

4. Do not leave the gear engaged at the traffic lights!

When stopping at a red light should always be in the Neutral switched and from the Clutch to be gone. This is not necessarily about the clutch linings, but about the release bearing. Because if you stop on the coupling, the bearing is permanently stressed. In this case, the force of the clutch spring continues to act on the release bearing and it is not designed for that. The argument that the start of the traffic light is not delayed when the gear is engaged is out of date anyway thanks to the crowded city centers, right?

engage first gear traffic light manual gearbox: you should definitely avoid that!

5. Do not let your hand rest on the gearshift lever!

The pressure of the hand can increase in a transmission with a classic shift linkage premature wear contribute to the transmission, as the linkage can no longer work completely freely. The forces acting there can be easily observed on the gearshift lever when accelerating or releasing the accelerator while driving. In addition, both hands should be on the steering wheel anyway! It is less dramatic with one Cable control, it is still an unpleasant habit. A workshop can clarify whether the car is equipped with a cable pull or a classic gearshift linkage.

hand on gear lever manual gearbox: you should definitely avoid that!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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