Oil guide for the vehicle: play it safe with the oil finder!

[Update: 28.09.2023] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. That is vital for the engine correct engine oil. Modern engines in particular cannot cope with simply "any type of oil“Is filled. It is important to pay close attention to what the manufacturer specifies in order not only to retain any guarantee or warranty claims, but simply to enjoy the engine and the vehicle for a long time. With our practical Oil guide for the vehicleKindly sent to us by the oil specialists at LIQUI MOLY is provided, you can quickly and easily find the right oil for your vehicle.

our Liqui Moly oil finder

And it works not only to the car category. Also for Classics, For Transport and Pickup, For truck and buses, Motorcycles, Roller or Quads, for agricultural vehicles such as Tractors and also Construction-, Mining- and Material handling machines can be analyzed with the configurator with regard to the correct liquid. Even for Boats The Liqui Moly oil finder / oil guide has the right type of oil up its sleeve.

And there is a vehicle as you know not only works with engine oil, all other liquids are also listed and assigned to the vehicle after entering the vehicle data in the Liqui Moly oil finder. The following bullet points provide an overview of other possible liquids for cars, trucks, etc. that the configurator spits out:

  • the right oil for the automatic transmission
  • the right oil for the rear axle drive
  • the right oil for the transfer case
  • the right oil for the front axle drive
  • the right brake fluid for the hydraulic brake / clutch, DSC, etc.
  • the right coolant for the cooling system
  • the right oil for the manual transmission
  • the right oil for the automatic transmission
  • the right oil for the manual transmission (automated)
  • the right oil for central lubrication
  • the right oil for power steering
  • the right undercarriage lubricant
  • etc.

This should take care of most questions!

Questions like “Which engine oil?” or “Which transmission oil?” should be answered with the Liqui Moly oil finder. The tedious research for approvals, specifications and viscosity such as 0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-40 and Co. are – understandably - not easy to understand for everyone. With the LIQUI MOLY Oil Signpost You can now get the right liquid from the LIQUI MOLY full range displayed in just a few steps without any prior knowledge. And anyone who has come to this page as a business customer will even be presented with various container sizes and the results necessary for professional operation. We hope that the oil finder is an optimal selection aid, if for example the next oil change from the car.

Digital helpers: The online oil guide

In the age of the Internet, the ways in which we find the right products for our needs have changed significantly. One area in which the web provides valuable services is Find the right engine oil for our vehicle. Here they come Oil Signpost come into play – digital tools that help you find the optimal oil for your favorite motorized vehicle. Other common names for the useful online helpers are Oil finder or Lubricant consultant. The advantages of an oil signpost are manifold. With just a few clicks, such an online guide enables you to precisely select the appropriate engine oil that meets the specific requirements of your vehicle.

More oil finders: Castrol Liqui MolyFoxMotulAralRoweMannolMobileShell

Selecting the right oil is essential for the longevity and performance of the engine. And using an oil guide makes this decision much easier. It's very easy to use: you enter the vehicle's specific data - and voilà, the oil guide spits out suitable oil suggestions out of. This eliminates the need to wade through countless product descriptions and technical data sheets. Another plus point is that time savings. Instead of spending hours in Car accessories stores or in confusing ones Webseiten to look for it, the way leads over the Oil Signpost quickly to the goal.

Also the possibility to compare prices and finding the best offer is an advantage that should not be underestimated. By integrating Reviews and experience reports Other users also give you a realistic impression of the quality and performance of the suggested oils. This, coupled with the possibility through targeted Filter settings Refining the search even further makes the oil guide a powerful tool for everyone who wants the best for their engine.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Engine oil guide | Motor oil, what's the difference?

Info: Always observe the manufacturer's instructions for engine oils!

Did you use the wrong engine oil? This could get expensive!

Check oil level Engine oil Dipstick e1634109365688 310x165 Wrong engine oil filled in? This could get expensive!

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