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Protection against switching for manual switching? Elaborate but doable!

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Interconnection protection Liberty Gear manual protection Interconnection protection for manual switching? Elaborate but doable!

The term Protection against wiring can be taken literally when it comes to function. Interlocking protection prevents a gear from being skipped and can also be retrofitted to a manual transmission. One scenario, for example, is turning out under full load in second gear and then accidentally changing gears to first gear instead of third. Although the probability of it happening is relatively low, such inattentions are not entirely new. Shifting errors are particularly common on the racetrack. Protection against wiring is offered for various car models and can be purchased from various manufacturers. The function and country of reference are discussed in more detail below.

Interlocking protection - with manual gear

Interconnection protection is particularly interesting for powerful tuned cars with manual transmission. The system prevents the driver from suddenly shifting into the wrong gear at high engine speeds and the engine over revving and flying apart. The shift protection ensures that shifting is not possible and can only be shifted from first gear to second gear and from second gear to third gear etc. Accidental skipping is therefore not possible. The interested tuner can operate the gear lever by pulling it back and forth and automatically switches to the correct gear. If you want to downshift, you also have to operate the lever and can only shift from the selected gear to the next lowest gear. So from third gear to second gear and from second gear to first gear, for example.

Wiring protection - what advantages does it offer?

If you own a tuned vehicle with manual gearshift and would like to shift into the next gear as quickly and easily as possible, the manual switch protection could be interesting. Such protection against shifting ensures that the driver shifts directly into the appropriate gear without having to think too much and can thus concentrate fully on the driving situation. The shift lever only has to be pulled back and forth and the right gear can be engaged. The same applies to downshifting the gears.

Wiring protection - where can manufacturers be found?

Interconnection protection Liberty Gear manual switch protection 3 Interconnection protection for manual switching? Elaborate but doable!

Manufacturers for circuit protection can be found, for example, in the USA or in São Paulo. The manufacturers offer complete shifting gears for manual transmissions and can be commissioned by interested tuners to produce the right model for the corresponding vehicle. The manufacturers currently have the technology for vehicles from Opel, VW and Audi in their range. Manufacturing should also be possible for other manual gearboxes. In the end, how could it be otherwise, is just a question of money. For which vehicle types the wiring protection is suitable can be found out directly at one of the manufacturers. A well-known manufacturer of such systems is Liberty Gears. However, Liberty Gears is based in the USA and it is quite difficult to get the technology into your vehicle at home. But it is possible!

Wiring protection - conclusion

If you want to drive your tuned vehicle without the risk of engine damage by switching and then overturning, a connection protection could be interesting. The gearshift protection prevents shifting into the wrong gear and can be retrofitted for manual transmissions. The driver protection system allows the driver to quickly shift to the next higher gear or the next lower gear. Thanks to the innovative technology, switching the manual transmission is simplified and the fun of manual switching is not lost. Interconnection protection systems can be purchased, for example, from manufacturers in the USA or São Paulo. We are currently not aware of any German providers. We are also not aware of any reliable information as to whether such a system is approved in this country or whether it is only suitable for use on the racetrack. However, each test center provides information on this and the providers of the systems should also issue corresponding information on request.

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