Thursday 16rd September 2021

The rust blocker to go: QUIXX paint repair pen!

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QUIXX paint repair pen collage The rust blocker to go: QUIXX paint repair pen!

The QUIXX paint repair pen is ideal for private and commercial vehicles. After all, minor paint damage can happen anywhere. Regardless of whether it is a private car or a commercial vehicle. But they are not always so bad that the car doctor would have to turn to them because of the optics. In addition, there is usually no opportunity at all, especially on vacation or in hectic everyday business life. However, deeper scratches should not be left untreated. Because with "open wounds", even on galvanized bodies, small rust nests quickly form. That really doesn't look nice anymore and can reduce the residual value when sold. That is why you should always have the QUIXX paint repair pen (€ 12,95) with you in the trunk. It is ready to use in no time and permanently seals the affected area with real clear varnish.

the rust blocker to go

QUIXX paint repair pen Order 1 The rust blocker to go: QUIXX paint repair pen!

In many cases, superficial scratches in car paint can be polished out without leaving a trace: for example, with the QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover (€ 14,95). If the paint layer is shot through to the primer or the bare metal, it's time for the QUIXX paint repair pen (€ 12,95). It balances the level with real clear lacquer and reliably protects against corrosion and oxidation. Simply clean the area to be treated, make the pen ready for use according to the instructions and press the felt pump head several times on a piece of paper or cardboard until the varnish appears. Then carefully pull the tip along the scratch. Let it dry for another 30 minutes, done! For thicker layers, the process can be repeated until the level is equal. The process is shown again in detail in the video tutorial.

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