All information about defective strut bearings / strut support bearings!

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Defective suspension strut bearing dome bearing suspension strut support bearing

This article contains all the important information about defective devices suspension strut bearings or defective suspension strut mounts! strut support bearing (also called strut support bearing) attach the struts to the body and are part of the chassis. Age-related wear, for example, can lead to the bearing wearing out and no longer being able to perform its function over the long term. In the guide below, you will learn more about the most common symptoms of a problem, the repair options and the costs involved!

function and meaning

Adjustable top mount suspension strut support bearing 2

Dome bearing / strut support bearing connect the struts to the body of the vehicle. During steering and deflection processes, they ensure that the strut can rotate and incline in the body's strut dome. Besides, they have one dampening effect and prevent vibration and shock from reaching the body. Every car has four strut mounts, one on each wheel.

Signs of a worn or defective strut bearing

  • 'Rumbling'/'banging' noises when turning
  • 'Rumbling'/'banging' noises when driving off
  • When driving over bumps, "rumble" / "hit" (cobblestones, bumps, potholes)
  • Cracking noises when steering

Defective suspension strut bearing dome bearing suspension strut support bearing 2

The dome bearing may need to be repaired or replaced

If the suspension strut bearing is defective, it must with a new part be replaced. Bearing repair is not an option. The cost of the replacement depends on the vehicle and the axle. While on the front axle usually the first Cowl and maybe bonnet have to be dismantled is often the case on the rear axle trunk lining to remove. After that, the spring strut carrier is usually removed together with the spring strut and the actual change is carried out on the workbench using a spring compressor. Basically, however, due to the many axle designs and vehicle types, there are too many different removal and installation techniques to list them here.

How much does it cost to replace a dome bearing?

Depending on the vehicle, the material costs for a replacement bearing are between 10 and 100 euros. Febi Bilstein, Lemforder, Sachs and Monroe are among the well-known manufacturers of replacement components. Overall, you should plan between one and two and a half hours per (!) strut mount. The time required depends on how many other components dismantled and maybe even replaced Need to become. Based on an hourly rate of 100 euros, the labor costs are between 100 and 250 euros. According to this calculation, the total costs per wheel are between 110 and 350 euros. However, these must be increased by a factor of two, since the exchange should always take place axis by axis, ie on both sides of an axis. A final Wheel alignment is due to possible camber changes of the vehicle by the way essential. This usually costs between 50 and 200 Euro, depending on the setting effort.

Axle geometry Wheel alignment Tuning

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